5 Ways To Spend Spring Break At Home

It feels like everyone is going on exotic vacations this spring break, but you’re just stuck in your hometown with your parents and your dog. It may feel like the week is going to drag on forever, but here are a few ways to make the days fly by. 

1. Learn a new skill

Hanging out at home when you don’t have any schoolwork is the perfect time to start learning a new skill! Whether it’s guitar, coding, or anything else you set your mind to, there’s no better cure for boredom than learning something new. And once you get back to school, you can show all your friends what you can do!

2. Get outside

If you live in a warmer climate, spring is the best time of the year, having warm weather without terrible heat. Whether you love hiking or are the tanning type, spending time outdoors is a great way to get de-stressed for the rest of the school year and soak up some sun.

3. Read a new book

During the school year, you have so many course readings and papers that it can be difficult to find time to read a good book just for the fun of it. Once you get engrossed in a great story, the days will pass by more and more quickly.

4. Practice cooking

If you don’t already live in an apartment, you will have to at some point soon--why not practice cooking some easy and delicious recipes in your parents’ fully stocked kitchen? Not only will you learn some useful recipes for the next couple of years, but your family will love eating what you’ve made.

5. Get organized for the rest of the school year

This may not be the most fun way to spend spring break, but getting organized for the rest of the year will seriously pay off once you get back to school. Color-code your planner, read your syllabi, apply for jobs, and get ready to kick butt this spring!