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5 Ways to Deal With Anxiety In The Most Anxious Time In Our Lives

At this point in my senior year of college, I have found myself dealing with anxieties I never thought I would have to deal with. Doing things I love and balancing them all has been a struggle, but it has been one I am loving. With a full time class schedule, a part time job, an internship and writing for HER Campus UCLA, I am exploring all my future can offer. This is how I deal with my anxiety in the middle of the most anxious time of my life.

1. Me time is even more necessary than before.

I am always doing something. So, I do spend a lot of my time alone working. “Me” time has become more of a break for me, as I like to reflect on myself. I do this with weekly, as I pick a day to sit in a quiet place and think about ~anything~ not having to do with my everyday things. Whether it’s the dream I had the night before or what I want for lunch the next day, allowing myself to remove myself from those thoughts has become my “me” time.

2. Asking for help

I was never comfortable with all the feelings I felt when I was anxious and I never wanted people to see that I was dealing with it. When I began asking for help is when I finally felt like myself again. Admitting that you are dealing with these emotions is almost freeing. In asking for help, I have people willing to listen when I need to talk and they are there to help me deal with all I have taken on (and love to do).

3. Put the phone down.

I love to look at my phone until I go to bed, and it seems like it just adds to my anxiety. Whether it is the time I go to bed and how much sleep I get, or the stress I feel when looking at my emails that all have to be answered, my phone is NOT helping. I have gotten used to now leaving my phone in a different part of my room (out of reach), at least an hour before I go to bed, which has given me the best sleep ever. It is so simple and was the first real thing that worked.


4. Organization is Key

I plan my weeks every Sunday. This means planning what has to happen and what I will have to do to be successful that week. An organized schedule gives me peace of mind that I am not going to forget anything. It also keeps me from getting overwhelmed by what has to be done because I am able to see it all in front of me. 

5. Remember It is all worth it

All this hard work now, will make for a confident and successful future. This moment will pass and the moment of anxiety will, too. Just keep yourself in a good head space and know your limits. When you reach the end, you will feel like you conquered the world.

Many deal with anxiety each and every day, and with that each person deals with it differently. For me, these tips have worked and have made my life better and my work better, too. Remembering that you can overcome it in your own ways will only make you stronger and more capable in the end. You can do it.

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