5 Ways To Appreciate The Blue Moon This Halloween

Although our plans for Halloween have been readjusted due to the pandemic, this year, the holiday falls on a very rare blue moon! No, the moon doesn't actually turn a blue color, but due to the rare nature of having two full moons a month, the popular saying "once in a blue moon" has been coined. This specific blue moon represents a period of forgiveness and second chances as it's rooted in earthly Taurus. How fitting is the blue moon's Taurus position in 2020? This position specifically points you towards focusing and aligning your goals and can help you harness your energy towards achieving them! 

Moon Photo by Alexander Andrews from Unsplash Remember, this moon can be especially powerful as it's taking place on one of the witchiest days of the year, Halloween! The more collective energy that is poured into this astrological beacon of power, the more its symbolism can do to empower you and improve your current emotional and physical state. Use this full moon to forgive yourself and let go off all feelings of unproductiveness and stagnancy during the pandemic. Instead, firmly root yourself and get the rest of the year on track! Here are a few ways you can use the blue moon to let go, focus and realign:

  1. 1. Simply Bathe in the Moonlight

    orange full moon and clouds

    This doesn't necessarily mean you need to strip naked and lay out for all the world to see! Go ahead and grab a couple friends and either clear your minds or envision what you would like to receive from the full moon, then just lay out someplace with a good view of the moon!

  2. 2. Reevaluate Your Goals

    As this blue moon is all about forgiveness and new goals, take this time to think about what you want to achieve for the rest of this tumultuous year.

  3. 3. Manifesting Prosperity and Ambition

    Now that you've reevaluated your goals and ambitions, a great way to have these focused into fruition is to manifest them into your life! My favorite way to manifest my aspirations is to use the 3-6-9 written method. Grab a piece of paper and jot down generically what you want to achieve three times. Then, write that goal into a complete sentence six times. Finally, add more specific details about your manifestation. this could include time, descriptions and how it will appear into your life. Write this sentence nine times.

  4. 4. Recharging Crystals

    crystals on table

    If you are a person who likes to use crystals, this would be a great time to recharge them with the power of the blue moon!

  5. 5. Letting Go of Emotional Weight 

    Woman laying in a field of flowers

    Remember that the moon's position in Taurus is also about forgiveness of not only those around you, but also forgiveness of yourself. Let go of the emotional baggage that you've carried with you this year and start anew.

Whether it's dancing in the moonlight, manifesting or rethinking your goals and ambitions, take the time to appreciate and harness the power of this blue moon!