The 5 VSCO Girl Trends I Refuse to Wear And What I Wear Instead

Recently, popular culture has been dominated by the VSCO girl. Young, relatable and conventionally attractive, she is her own brand; she amasses millions of followers across all of her social media platforms and sets trends with her simple, comfortable and ever-so-slightly quirky style. Millennials and Gen Z-ers alike draw inspiration from her outfits, but before you join the crowd, look beyond what’s popular! What works for Emma Chamberlain may not work for you, and vice versa. Start expanding your fashion horizons by skipping 5 VSCO girl trends and trying these pieces instead. 

What I Refuse To Wear: Oversized Graphic Tees As Dresses

Unlike traditional dresses, which are cut to skim your figure, oversized T-shirts hang straight and wide. I’ve noticed that this style drowns out my shape, making me look both shorter and boxier. I’m also not a fan of the “just-rolled-out-of-bed” look; I prefer my outfits to be more polished.

What I’m Wearing Instead: Slip Dresses

The appeal of a t-shirt dress lies in its comfort, but there is no need to sacrifice style and fit for that. While slip dresses are similarly flowy, soft and easy to throw on, they are carefully cut to flatter, not obscure, your figure. They come in a variety of patterns, lengths and fabrics, and can be layered with a t-shirt or cardigan for instant glamour! Try this Princess Polly style for size:

What I Refuse To Wear: Cropped Men’s Shirts

Just like oversized tee dresses, men’s shirts have a squarish, sacky fit. The dropped shoulder seams and longer sleeves on these shirts can make them look cheap and sloppy, rather than cool and effortless. They’re also inherently boring: I’ll take a print, cool fabric or fun stitching over striped cotton with a tiny logo any day. 

What I’m Wearing Instead: Oversized Blazers

The slouchy suit is taking the fashion world by storm this season, and for good reason: a combination of sophisticated colorways, sturdy fabric and precise tailoring ensure that this unconventional fit looks intentional and structured. Besides, an oversized blazer looks so flattering when it’s cinched at the waist with a belt. Check out this Urban Outfitters piece and style it like Tiffany Hsu:

What I Refuse To Wear: Yoga Pants & Sweatpants

Hear me out on this one: I love wearing yoga pants for workouts, errands and lounging. However, yoga pants tend to clash with statement tops, look too casual for day-to-day wear and don’t have much shape on their own. Sweatpants, on the other hand, are and have always been the antithesis of couture. Their baggy legs and poofed-out waists overwhelm any curves; they’re also just plain sloppy.

What I’m Wearing Instead: Straight Jeans

Although they usually require some breaking in, high-waisted, rigid (100% cotton) jeans will hug you in and mold to your figure in the same way that yoga pants do. The sturdy, thick denim also lasts longer, breathes better and maintains its shape well through washes and everyday roughage. Jeans also pair perfectly with most tops, and convince the people around you that you put an effort into your appearance. My go-to is this pair of Levi's 501s:

What I Refuse To Wear: Fjallraven Backpacks

I actually used a Kanken throughout my senior year of high school, and found it extraordinarily impractical. I could never shove all of my notebooks and binders into the tiny main pocket, and by the end of the year the corners of the bag were tearing. I also didn’t like how easily the canvas exterior got dirty and scratched. Considering how expensive each of these bags are, I don’t consider them worth the investment.

What I’m Wearing Instead: A High Quality Tote

Rather than replace my Kanken for college, I chose to invest in a leather tote. Well-made leather bags last for an eternity, and can be taken on outings and trips after school ends. I love how mine matches with all of my outfits and makes me look more professional! Try Everlane for your new favorite accessory:

What I Refuse To Wear: Cheap Costume Jewelry

Don’t get me wrong - I love it when I can snatch up a trend for a bargain. Unfortunately, you really only get what you pay for with jewelery. Costume jewelry (the kind found in fast fashion retailers for under $40) usually can’t emulate the color or sheen of true silver and gold, much less maintain its plating after a few days of wear. As a person with sensitive skin, I’m also wary of the metal alloys that brands rely on to produce these accessories inexpensively.

What I’m Wearing Instead: Vermeil, Sterling Silver & Vintage Investment Pieces

By investing in one or two unique, sturdy, high quality pieces, you’ll save money and look classier in the long run. Better jewelry doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg either. Search for gold vermeil and sterling silver on Etsy, as well as resale apps like Depop and Poshmark: the ideal piece will be hypoallergenic, tarnish-free, and flake resistant. This piece from Etsy is sitting in my cart right now!

There’s no denying the merits of VSCO girl trends, but they’re hardly all the fashion world has to offer. Remember to take time to explore different styles and shop for quality, not popularity!