5 Types of Grad Gifts All Collegiettes Will Love

Although our semester school friends are already frolicking in their summer plans, college students on the quarter system have a few weeks to go. For seniors, graduation is on the horizon. If you're looking for gifts to ask for (or give to your graduating pals), search no further. Here are five types of grad presents any female college student will love. Each can be customized to fit her flair—whether she prefers her swag political or sparkly. 

1. Cosmetics

Some ladies opt for a full face of makeup each day, relishing in the art of applying an exact winged eyeliner and blended eyeshadow look. Others save it for special occasions, but with full-time employment inevitably approaching (we can hope), skincare and makeup goodies are the way to go. A great choice is subscription boxes from Cratejoy, which are cruelty-free and all-natural. I tried a Benevolent Beauty Box, which start at $29.95 a month and included Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate, Punk Volumizer Mascara, Modish Polish and more. The service sends four to seven full sized beauty products, customized by skin tone, eye color and hair color—perfect for any female CEO on the rise. 

2. Sentimental DIYs

This could be a scrapbook, photo album, T-shirt quilt or even painted canvas that reminds the grad of nostalgic memories. It's a tough moment leaving school for the first time in 16 years, so emotional support will be much needed as she moves into the "real world." I'd recommend this gift for underclassmen to give to your older friends from sororities, clubs, work or living places. 

3. Major-related swag

We're talking Notorious RBG mugs for your poly sci student, chemistry jewelry for your STEM student or a leather-bound Shakespearean notebook for that English major. Major-themed items can be a funny gift from family members to celebrate that hard-earned degree. Bonus points if it's practical, too.

4. Workplace essentials

If your grad is lucky enough to have landed a job right out of college (cries), she'll likely need some supplies to go along with her new office or space. This can be anything from a cute tape dispenser to a laptop to a briefcase. These are thoughtful gifts because it makes going to work more fun with customized pieces, as she may be nervous in that transition. Decor for her cubical will make her smile. 

5. Home goods

She's finally moving on from dorm life, that shambly college apartment or crammed house. Maybe the collegiette is now moving home for a bit, traveling over the summer or settling down in a new city. She may need furniture, home decor, suitcases or kitchen items in the process. This depends on her living situation during college—does she already have all the furniture she needs? Most are likely moving to a new part of town and will inevitable require new appliances or baking products in their new kitchen. As someone who rarely had time to bake during college, I can tell you she'd likely appreciate a nice mixer, cupcake tins, blender or coffee machine in her post-grad life.