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5 Tips To Maintaining A Long Term Relationship After College

It is not uncommon to fall in love in college. For some people, that love begins before college does. For others this love turns into the greatest relationship they have ever had. No matter what the case is for your relationship, there is a time right after college when you begin personally searching for your next adventure. Whether that be starting your career or traveling the world, who you are as an individual and the personal decisions you make will all factor in to the changes that will take place in your relationship. Here are 5 important tips to remember when you come to this changing time in your relationship post college.

1. Make the Time

If you and your partner have just finished school or one of you has finished ahead of the other, you will begin to see that time is much harder to get with each other. In this stage there is no certainties when it comes to time. This moment in life brings on new jobs and new responsibilities that may have an impact on you and your partners time with each other. That means if you have to schedule a date every week and make sure it is written down, then do it. If that mean coffee at 7am before they go to work, then make that time. Time can get away from you but you have to put in more effort to make that time together count. 

2. Keep Yourself First

Post college is your first real time of uncertainty. You are looking for your next life move and must be sure to keep yourself first. Your partner will be going through their own time of searching and you must allow each other to grow as individuals. Putting yourself first and finding where you want to be will only make you more certian of where you want your relationship to go. If you put the relationship above yourself you may end up; losing your personal goals and attributes because you want to make it work. It will only work if you are both sure of yourselves. 

3. Get Creative

Much like the dates mentioned in “make the time” creativity is key. This is a time where you are truly adult for the first time. So this is the best time to treat your S.O to things that may not have come to mind in the past. Sending flowers to their work or to their house to have when they get home, or planning a weekend getaway well in advance to surprise them seem like things adults would do. These types of small gestures are the most creative way to keep the spark. 


4. Be More Understanding (Than Usual) Of Your Partner

Stress will become a big factor in your life post college. With all the changes and uncertainty you may find yourself dealing with stresses you never experienced before. Trust that your partner is going through the same things. So now is a time to be more understanding if they seem distant or are showing signs of stress.Love and support them through this moment of hardship and hope that they will do the same for you…even if you get hangry more often than usual. 

5. Value The Growth

Post college can be the time where you really figure out who you are and what you want for your future. You begin growing as an individual and understanding what it means to be an adult. From this growth can lead to the best partnership of your life and could take you into an mazing future together. Or it could not and you should value what you have learned either way because this kind of growth will only prepare you greater for the future. So start a career, see the world, fall in love and maybe even get your heart broken but as long as you remember to value yourself and your partner you should have a successful relationship along with a successful future. 

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