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I’ve been inside my home for so long that it’s hard to believe that summer break is approaching in one month. COVID-19 has been such a constant factor in many of our lives that it’s hard to imagine experiencing a “normal” summer, one that’s like what we see in teenage coming-of-age movies. Unfortunately, I’m also taking summer classes, so it’ll definitely be difficult to experience the ideal summer. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t try to make this summer memorable by making a bucket list of items that I definitely want to accomplish before the next school year starts. I’ve just started my bucket list, so it isn’t too long, but here are five things on my bucket list for summer 2021:

Create a scrapbook with film photos

Although I’m not a professional photographer, I like to take photos with my disposable film camera. I like the vintage appearance of the photos after they’re developed. However, I never know what to do with the photos except to save them and post them on the walls in my room. Thus, I want to do something new with the film photos by creating a scrapbook with them. I’ve kept telling myself throughout the year that I’d start a scrapbook to document my memories, but I’ve never gone through with this plan. However, this summer I want to make creating a scrapbook part of my bucket list. My plan for this scrapbook is to include photos of anything and everything, which may include friends, family, food, nature, and much more.

Learn a new song on the piano and play it

I’ve been playing piano since the second grade but stopped since entering college. Living in the dorms, I was able to rent the piano rooms and play for a bit. When the pandemic first began and we had virtual classes, I thought I’d get more free time to be able to play the piano at home again, but I haven’t touched it since last year. That’s why this summer I want to learn at least one new song and be able to play it from start to finish. Hopefully, it doesn’t take me the whole summer to learn just one song so that I can learn to play multiple pieces. What I do know for sure is that I will be opening the piano again this summer no matter what.

Dye my hair blonde

I bleached my hair last year, but it only turned a lighter shade of brown and has slowly faded. This summer I want to do something more drastic with my hair and go from fully brunette to blonde. This way, I can also color my hair with other fun colors in the future. But, I only plan for this to last for summer, and I’ll go back to my natural hair color just before school starts.

Apply to extracurricular or job opportunities at UCLA and get accepted

I am extremely motivated to apply to multiple jobs and extracurricular activities this summer. Having more free time will allow me to research my interests and any opportunities available at school. Additionally, I surely want to be accepted over the summer so that I have something ready for when the school year starts. With the extra time I have from summer break, I will definitely work hard on trying to obtain any kind of opportunity.

Decorate my room with decor besides photographs

My room at home is very empty, and even when I lived in the dorms I didn’t put much decoration around my side of the room. Yet, this summer I want a change in my living space by adding more color to my room. I only have a few photos plastered on my walls right now, but I want to do something different by making my own room decor. For instance, I want to add fairy lights and clothespins over my photos or even paint canvases to put up on my walls. It’s been a long time since I’ve decorated my room, and summer is just the right time for me to start.

Although summer might not be ideal, there are always things to do to make it feel just right. Whether it be movie nights, picnic dates, or painting sessions, any activity is worth doing over summer. I’ve only listed five things on my bucket list that I want to accomplish this season, but I know there are going to be more activities that pop up in the future. Personally, writing things down physically makes me more motivated to accomplish them when I see them. Summer is a time to relax and remember, and hopefully, with my bucket list, I can make memories that I’ll never forget.

Jamie Vu

UCLA '23

Jamie is a second year student at UCLA. She loves to listen to music and enjoys going to concerts and listening to artists live. During her free time, she likes to go out and explore.
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