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5 Things I Love About the Cooluli Cooler


We are living in the age of mobility, travel and independence. It’s vital for us to have products that reflect our millennial lifestyle when you are on the go or simply need an efficient living space. Cooluli strives to create the best thermometric coolers and warmers to accommodate how we live our best lives. It’s ideal for keeping food and drinks warm or cool, whether you’re at work, on the road and everything in between. From soup to sandwiches, water to coffee, the Cooluli fridge is your go-to mini-fridge.

Its functionality can keep up with the busy student lifestyle as well. It creates a model fridge that adapts to its surroundings with its style, durability and performance. But the Cooluli fridge is more than just for looks. Here are five things I love about the Cooluli Cooler: 

 1. The Pink Aesthetic

At first glance, you’d probably think that the Cooluli fridge is a toy- it’s just so cute! But it functions as a full-fledged fridge! With its baby pink, 50’s retro and chic look, I can’t complain about how it easily blends in with the aesthetic of my desk. Its sleek and beautiful outline has immediately become the centerpiece of my vanity and workspace.


2. Runs Quietly Through The Night

I don’t have to worry about it being too loud as the Cooluli fridge runs smoothly and quietly. No need to fret about it disturbing your slumber or study time!

3. Keeps my Skincare Cool

My favorite thing about my Cooluli fridge is that it really does up my skincare regime game! As a skincare aficionado (or junkie, you decide), I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mini-fridge for my serums, moisturizers and face creams. With Cooluli, I can keep all my products at a cooling temperature. Aside from cooling my skincare products for that soothing sensation, I can also adjust the setting to warm if I want to utilize it for storing a warm facemask instead.


4. Portable and Lightweight

Weighing in at 4 lbs, the Cooluli mini-fridge is portable enough to be carried everywhere. It is extremely lightweight and compact to be stored just about anywhere. It is good to use for AC/DC power options for adaptability. With its electromagnetic feature, it doesn’t require much electric power to use, so it can be powered through a portable charger or in your car.


5. Can be Useful in More Ways Than One

The Cooluli fridge is versatile in more ways than one. Aside from skincare, it can be used for storing medication, in a game room for the soda cans, going out for camping or fishing, tailgates and barbeques and much more! Aside from the CL4L Classic series, Cooluli also features a ton of other product lines, each suited for different needs in varying sizes!

Choosing an appropriate warmer and cooler mini-fridge means you also have to keep in mind the type of lifestyle you have. However, the Cooluli mini-fridge is so versatile and can keep up with the ever-changing millennial mindset and the life of the busy college student!

Head over to our Instagram to enter our Cooluli mini-fridge giveaway! Giveaway ends on October 4! See Instagram post for details on how to win.

Photos Courtesy of Mikee Lachica

Mikee is an alumna at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and served as the HCUCLA President and one of the Campus Correspondents for the 2019-2020 school year. She is a lover of all things pink, aesthetic, and good storytelling. In her spare time pre-pandemic, you would find her watching a good rom-com movie, going to Disneyland, exploring more of Los Angeles through coffee shops, brunch places, and events, or playing with her puppy, Snowie! During the pandemic, she enjoys graphic designing on her iPad (and watching even more rom-coms with Snowie). Currently, Mikee is bringing Disney+ moments to life through world-class campaigns at The Walt Disney Company and earning her Master's Degree in Communication Management at the University of Southern California (USC). Contact Mikee via email at [email protected] or visit her portfolio at http://mklchc.co
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