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5 Terrible Makeup Tutorials to Try In Self-Quarantine Because At This Point You Can

We have all seen beautiful tutorials and immaculate finishes beauty gurus put into a production of a put together make up look. Abiding by the stay at home order due to the viral outbreak of COVID-19 for the past few weeks, I am sure we have all been binging old and new videos of tutorials and beauty community drama to pass time. Whenever I spend time watching these videos, I get inspired to replicate them or create my own looks. 

Spiraling down my YouTube deep dive, I stumbled upon a number of makeup tutorials with questionable existence that created very unconventional looks. Watching them one by one endlessly, I came across Mikaela Long's YouTube Video judging and recreating these atrocious looks for herself called, "Are Refinery29 Makeup Tutorials Bad On Purpose." This video got gears turning in my head, and I decided why not try these for myself?

Being limited to my current makeup supply, I could not exactly recreate these looks color by color, shade by shade, but I did my best! So here are 5 make up tutorials to try during self quarantine because at this point you can!

  1. 1. Purple eyeshadow but ONLY on the crease of your lid

    selfie of woman wearing makeup

    *insert America's Next Top Model's Trya Banks meme*: "Make it purple, but only on the crease"

  2. 2. Giving dark circles a whole new meaning

    selfie of woman wearing makeup

    We are reclaiming dark circles and making them high fashion... one circle at a time.

  3. 3. When you try to get the perfect cat wing and you end up going to far

    selfie of woman wearing makeup

    Have you over done it with the eyeliner or are you giving yourself a black eye?

  4. 4. Eye shadow social distancing 

    selfie of woman wearing makeup

    Aww look! Even the eye shadows are social distancing! Remember to stay at home folks and wash your hands.

  5. 5. The orange, purple, shimmer bane of my existance

    selfie of woman wearing makeup

    And for the piece de resistance, the belle of the terrible makeup ball, here is the final look that crushed my soul.

Add this fun experiment to the list of activities to try while observing social distancing to pass the time! The inner makeup artist in me was a little crushed by the amount of atrocious looks I attempted to replicate, but if you have the time why not give them a shot?