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5 Spots On Campus Perfect For Your Next Online Class

During quarantine, everyone had their own Zoom routine. They knew where they were going to take classes and how to make the place as comfortable and quiet as possible. These Zoom spots became our own little bubble, but with the transition back to campus, we can’t always rely on our living spaces to be quiet enough to attend an online class. Here are a couple of spots I found on campus that could work for you, and don’t worry, they all have reliable wifi:

the study

Come on, with a name like that, this place has to be good for logging into class. The Study has a quiet room in the center if you just need to listen, but if you need to speak in a discussion, the outside area has comfortable spots just for you. There are even study spaces you can book beforehand. Most importantly, if you’re feeling snacky, there is a lot of great food right there, as long as you’re okay with waiting in line.

Hedrick Hall
sculpture garden

With its fresh air, shade and unique art, the Sculpture Garden sometimes doesn’t even feel like it’s part of campus. Because it is surrounded by lots of North Campus buildings, wifi is not an issue here, and it is normally pretty quiet too. While it may not be the best place to take handwritten notes (unless you have a lap desk), typing on a laptop is no problem here, and I promise you will leave a lot happier because of how peaceful it is. You could even just have your lecture going on in your AirPods and lie on the grass. (Don’t blame me if you fall asleep though!) 

UCLA, 20/6
Powell library

Now, if you do need to take handwritten notes but don’t need to talk, Powell is the place for you. The desks they have that slant down toward you will unquestionably save your back. Plus, focusing on a not-so-entertaining Zoom lecture is a lot easier when you’re surrounded by fellow focused people and lots of academia. But even if you do catch yourself staring off into space, wouldn’t you rather be staring at the pretty Powell interior? 

Powell Library, UCLA
kerckhoff patio

This patio’s combination of outdoor tables, shops and great connection makes it the best of all worlds. Though it may be a little louder than some other spots on this list, especially with the metallic chairs always moving around, Kerckhoff lets you unmute with ease, knowing you won’t be bothering anyone by talking. Having a drink from the coffeehouse in hand while you’re learning also doesn’t hurt; just beware of the falling branches though. 

Kerckhoff Patio
TONGVA Steps (janss steps)

This central spot on campus is not only iconic but also an exciting place to take a lecture from. While shade may not always be guaranteed, if you can get a spot by a tree, or even better in a hammock, you will have a good time. When you find yourself getting distracted, Janss lets you look up from your screen and people watch, taking in all UCLA has to offer. As long as you make sure you don’t roll down the hill, this grassy area won’t disappoint. 

Janss Steps

At such a big campus, it might seem daunting or naive that a specific spot could be “yours.” But you’ll be surprised by how bonded you and your Zoom spot can get. Personally, I have a specific chair or specific tree at all of these places, and I can’t wait to see you claim yours too. 

Neeti is a UCLA student who has loved writing ever since she was born, whether that meant composing poetry or writing opinionated articles. She loves learning languages and is currently learning her fifth one. She loves water, hiking, biking, playing with her dog, and listening to music.
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