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5 Sorority Rush Tips From a Girl Who Rushed 3 Times

Sorority recruitment involves standing in single file lines, often in the hot sun, introducing yourself to so many different women you lose your voice, and clearing your schedule for an entire week. I did this three times. But the blisters on my feet and the bags under my eyes were definitely worth it because if I gave up on rush, I wouldn’t have found an the amazing women I can come to for advice about anything and count on to lift me up when I am feeling down.

After rushing three times, it’s safe to say that I have become an expert on sorority recruitment. Here are five pieces of wisdom you can only learn about rush from doing it more than once.

1. Talk about whatever feels natural

It’s common to be advised not to talk about “booze or boys” when it comes to rush. But it’s more important for your conversation to feel natural than to focus on filtering yourself. My first two times rushing, I was not myself because I was so concentrated on not saying the wrong thing. But the truth is, the best conversations happen when you begin to bond with the sister you’re talking with. If that means mentioning that you are in a long distance relationship or that you went to your first frat party the night before because the topics naturally come up, then don’t stop yourself. But sharing that you cheated on your boyfriend three times or that you threw up at that party is obviously not appropriate to tell you someone you just met.

2. Don’t request a house just for its reputation

It feels flattering when a top house invites you back. But don’t forget that rush is a mutual process– the girls aren’t just picking you, you are also picking them. Join a house you feel comfortable in and can see yourself building genuine friendships in. After recruitment, the girls are no longer required to be nice to you.

3. Bring snacks

Most of time you are given a short lunch break, but the rush days are long and you don’t want to be talking to a girl hangry. Plus, if you have snacks to share with the other girls rushing, you are sure to meet new friends.

4. Look your best

I’ve heard people say to pick a house you can see yourself being in with no makeup. But that does not mean you should show up to recruitment like that. Rush can be superficial. This is understandable given that the sisters have to make cuts after talking to potential new members for only five minutes. Plus, you want to feel confident. It’s worth it to wake up extra early every morning to straighten your hair or whatever it is that makes you feel like Beyonce.  

5. It’s okay to discuss the houses with other rushies

Your recruitment leader will often tell you to refrain from talking about the houses with your rush mates. It’s true that you shouldn’t pick a house you don’t love because other girls are and you shouldn’t not pick a house you do love because the other girls aren’t. But the girls that pledge with you become your closest friends and you spend a lot of time together. Hearing what house your new friends are picking can be helpful if you are feeling conflicted.

Hannah Wren is an English major and Digital Humanities minor on the Dean's Honors List for outstanding academic performance at UCLA. Hannah loves to write and has ample writing experience outside of school. Currently, she works at 7 Generation Games where she creates content for their website to engage and inspire their users. When she is not writing or working, she enjoys spending time with her family, bonding with friends and reading. After she graduates college, Hannah hopes to become a UX designer, entertainment journalist and publish a novel.
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