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5 Socially Distanced Activities You Can Enjoy While Staying Safe

Earlier I heard on the news that we should refrain from using "social distancing" and instead use "physical distancing." The term "social distancing" has diminished the one thing we all desperately need: socialization. Whether it be online or through a 6-feet apart activity, use these five activities as inspiration for how you can safely connect with friends:

  1. 1. Painting at the Park

    Photo of paintings

    Enjoy this warm weather while you can! A few weeks ago my friend and I decided to have a paint day at the park. Tap into your creativity together!

  2. 2. Create Tik Toks Together

    The nice thing about creating a Tik Tok with friends is that not everyone needs to be physically present to create an engaging video. You can each separately record the clips and edit them together to create some viral-worthy content!

  3. 3. (Virtually) Cooking Summer Dishes

    salad with fruit and nuts

    Quarantine has encouraged many of us to get more comfortable in the kitchen. However, you don't have to do it alone! Here, I tried making a summer salad for lunch which you can easily do with a friend over Facetime!

  4. 4. Lookout Spot

    Photo of beach

    Keep your distance and head over to a local lookout spot in your community. Don't know of any spots to go? Just Google your city and the phrase "lookout spots" to find your new go-to spot with friends.

  5. 5. Siblings Day

    Photo of surfer

    It's so easy for us to want to just coop up in our room or on the couch. Use this opportunity to have a "siblings day" with your sibling before school begins! Even if you have opposite interests, there's always something you can enjoy together. While my brother was surfing, I was able to enjoy the sun and take some pictures of him, and later we got ice cream.

While it's easy to feel lonely during this time, these activities just go to show that you don't need to feel so alone right now! There are ways to be social and safe going forward. While making safety a priority, don't forget the importance of socialization!