5 Small Changes You Can Make In Your Home To Be Eco Friendlier

Thinking about the changes one person can make seems insignificant. I felt that way for a while, but I realized that if more people made the changes I made in my life, then maybe the world would have fewer problems.

My goal in life to make as little waste as possible. I don’t want my plastic or other waste to end up in the ocean or landfills. To fulfill that goal, I decided to make a few small changes in my life as a starting point. 

  1. 1. Toothpaste Bits

    Sustainable Toothpaste & Toothpaste

    Toothpaste is a necessity in everyday life. Because it’s so important, people buy several tubes of toothpaste on a weekly or monthly basis. Those tubes of toothpaste are an unnecessary waste. 

    Instead of buying Colgate or Crest, I made the change to Bite. Bite is a company that has made brushing your teeth sustainable. Instead of using a toothpaste tube, Bite sends you a glass jar that you can refill every time you need more toothpaste bits. The refills are sent in compostable pouches that are packaged in envelopes made from recycled newspapers. Their boxes are “fully recyclable corrugated cardboard.”

  2. 2. Reusable Containers/Bags

    Food in reusable container

    When you’re working or going to school, sometimes you don’t have the money to buy yourself lunch every day. A lot of people choose to pack their own lunches to work every day, but that can mean a lot of waste. 

    For example, if you like sandwiches, that could mean using plastic sandwich bags every day. Instead of creating so much waste, consider investing in a reusable container from companies like Target or The Container Store. A brand I love to purchase from is Stasher Bag because they’re sustainable and their quality is worth every dollar. 

  3. 3. Reusable Straws

    Reusable straws

    I love iced coffee. If you’re someone who loves drinking your iced coffee with a straw, I would recommend investing in reusable ones! You create less waste and you get to add a little color to your day if you go with fun patterned straws. 

    I love buying bamboo straws Public Goods, but there are so many brands you can choose from! And it’s all one Google search away! 

  4. 4. Reusable Dryer Fuzz Balls

    Everything I know about laundry I learned from my mom. While my mom taught me some amazing tips and tricks, some of her suggestions are outdated because of new technology that has made doing laundry more sustainable. 

    I was taught to use dryer sheets when drying my clothes so that they’d have less fuzz and hair fallouts. However, dryer sheets are so wasteful and so expensive in the long run. 

    I switched over to reusable dryer balls. They work exactly the same as dryer sheets, but they can be used for multiple washes and are a one time purchase! Most packages come with 4-5 dryer balls, so you will have a supply for a long time. 

    There are many brands to buy these from, but I like the lavender bliss balls from Friendsheep.

  5. 5. LED Bulbs

    LED Warm White Super Bright String Lights

    We all need light, but did you know that depending on the bulbs you have, you might be using more energy? Switching to LED bulbs will help you use less electricity. Plus, they last longer than regular bulbs, so that’s less money down the drain for you!

There are many more changes you can make to your home, but these are a few to start!