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5 Reasons Why We’re Sad Corinne Left the Bachelor

Our dear Corn was not given a rose during last night’s rose ceremony, which made us realize how much we appreciated her presence on the show. Here are 5 reasons why we’re sad Corinne isn’t on the Bachelor anymore:

1. No more naps

There is no gif on the Internet that resonates with us more.

2. No more vicariously living through her shopping sprees

I mean, who else is on a first name basis with every employee at the mall?

3. No more cheesy pasta (!!)

   At least we have the recipe.

4. No more seeing her grow alongside the other girls

In all seriousness, Corinne’s character developed throughout the entire season. She’s no longer that girl we saw in the bouncy house.

5. No more Raquel

I think we can all agree that this one hurts the most.

Cheesy Pasta Gif from eonline.com. All others from giphy.com

Katie is a Junior studying Communications at UCLA. In her spare time, she can be found blogging (katiexkim) and almost always reading the latest edition of Vogue.
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