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5 Questions Only Californians Ask Themselves In Winter

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Ah, a California winter. Our East Coast friends may scoff, but little do they know the intricate struggles of an 85-degree Thanksgiving. The O.C. makes it look easy but surviving a California winter requires patience, attention to detail, and a special set of time-honed skills. And without fail, there are five questions we inevitably ask ourselves every winter.

1. When can I finally wear my cropped sweater?

It sounds counterintuitive, but if the cropped knit could work anywhere it has to be L.A., right? Wrong. It’s almost always too hot, and when it finally does get cold, you’ll probably need a jacket. See also, bare legs and ankle boots. A fool’s paradise.

2. Aren’t I going to the beach this weekend?

Cue panic. Though we may be missing the snow, we are huge fans of the winter bod. That is, until we get struck by a December heat wave 5 bags of Doritos into our hibernation diet. A bikini, you said? I’d rather sit this one out.

3. Will I ever wear these boots?

Leather, suede, those cute little rubber rain boots. Knee length, ankle—we love boots of all sizes and colors. What we don’t love is wearing them past noon, when our lovely 60 degree morning has soared to a mucky 79. Calve sweat is real, people. You have been warned.

4. Should I even go out? It’s raining.

We are all basically the Wicked Witch of the West out here. Rain makes us disappear, clears the street, crashes cars. We stay inside, close the windows, and wait for the storm to pass. Contrary to popular belief, we can handle the rain, okay? But with so many sunnier days to choose from, we just prefer not to.

5. Do I need a jacket?

We ask ourselves this daily. Several times a day, actually. The days start off cold but the sun is strong, and somewhere in-between there’s usually air conditioning. We usually regret our decision either way. There are no winners here.

At the end of the day, can we really complain about sunshine all year long? Well, we can. But will we ever leave? Not a chance.

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Victoria is a Nor-Cal transplant and fourth-year Biochemistry major at UCLA. She hopes to one day have marble kitchen countertops, own the perfect slouchy sweater, and be the kind of doctor who handpicks ornaments when she decorates her office for Christmas. 
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