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5 New Songs/Albums to Listen To This Fall/Winter

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1.Bon Iver: 22, A Million

Varying entirely from the first two albums, Bon Iver offers a completely new experience with 22, A Million. With songs such as 33 “GOD” and 00000 Million, we see into a glimpse of an electronic reverie. This album is perfect for the long drive home to combat with the rain pouring down along the freeway.

2. The XX: On Hold

Although the XX album is set to come out later, the single On Hold gives us an insatiable hunger for the new album. The song’s mood reflects that of solemnity as we experience a long lost love feeling, merely from the song alone. The song definitely creates the opportunity for listeners to reflect on the last few months of this year.

3. Mona: In the Middle

This EP offers an alternative sound that is the perfect album to create many good memories with friends this winter season. Whether it be Ain’t It Sick or Judas, this EP offers a unique sound that we don’t hear too often.

4. Matt Pond PA: Winter Lives

This album suggests a lighter sound with many different instruments offering a folkier approach to the winter months. Songs like Sunset at the Gas Pump and Leggings in the Living Room tune our ears to the beauty that instruments can create, providing us moments to reflect on the beauty of the simplicity within instrumental songs.

5. Empire of the Sun: Two Vines

Empire Of The Sun (being the band of ultimate feel good, dance songs) continuously displays unique creations with each album and this one is no different. Two Vines, having songs such as High And Low and Welcome To My Life, keep the sound that we all love.

You can listen to all of these artists and each song on Spotify!

Photo Courtesy of Spotify, Bon Iver, The XX, Mona, Matt Pond PA, Empire Of The Sun, and https://www.walldevil.com/742174-rainy-window-wallpaper.html

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