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5 Of My Favourite Things About UCLA That New Bruins Can Expect

We are so excited to have the new Baby Bruins come and join us this Fall. This year has been challenging, so it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and even hopeless. But you’ve come this far, so stay positive! You’ve worked incredibly hard to get here and, while college can be a stressful time, there are so many amazing things to look forward to at UCLA. 

Picturesque Campus 

First and foremost, the UCLA campus is so beautiful and the perfect spot for photos. As seen in numerous Instagram pictures, UCLA is home to the iconic Kuruvunga Steps (AKA Janss steps), the Sculpture Garden, Powell Library and Royce Hall. These spots are some ideal places to go on cute picnics, study silently for those midterms or even have fun photoshoots with your friends. Wherever you go on campus, expect to see stunning views perfect for your feed. You definitely will never get bored of all of the fun and different places you can explore on campus. So during the dreaded midterms and finals season, take a break from all of your studying and be sure to check out everything campus has to offer! 

Life In Sunny So-Cal

As a UCLA Bruin, you will be living in the heart of LA, which comes with many fun perks. Life in LA opens you up to so many different adventures, from vintage thrift shopping to hiking to amusement parks. I can promise you that you will never run out of things to do. Also, Westwood itself is home to a wide range of yummy food options from classics like Chipotle to the famous Diddy Riese cookies. The sunny LA weather is another thing to look forward to, as it's perfect for fun days out in the sun. The LA food scene is also incredible, with a wide range of cuisines from Japanese and Italian to classic American comfort food. 


Countless Campus Involvement Opportunities 

Another thing I absolutely love about UCLA is the large campus community. While some may say that this makes it harder to meet people, I actually think that gives you more opportunities to mingle with other students. There are so many ways to get involved on campus. Whatever your interests may be, personal or professional, I guarantee you that you will find an organization that suits you. UCLA has a wide variety of academic, professional, cultural, leadership, community service, and recreational clubs so you will be spoiled for choice. Joining these clubs is a great way to form genuine friendships during your first year. As it can be hard to talk to people in a large lecture hall or through Facebook groups, your club can act as a mini-community for you within the larger UCLA student body. I personally can attest to this, as I have met some of my best friends on campus through my involvement in various student organizations. For incoming freshmen, make sure to be on the lookout for the club fair, as this is a great way for you to explore the different options available to you while talking to representatives of the club.


Work-Life Balance 

While UCLA extracurriculars are plentiful and it’s really great to get involved outside of classes, I think that UCLA’s work-life balance is another aspect that makes it such a great school. The general UCLA culture encourages students to study really hard for their classes and exams. However, don’t worry, you won’t be studying all the time. UCLA has a very strong “work hard play hard” culture and I think that this is truly the best environment to thrive as a student. You will definitely be motivated to ace those midterms and have ambitious goals, but at the same time, you’ll be able to experience all the fun college moments that you want. 

Amazing People

And to save the best for last, my absolute favorite thing about UCLA is the people. Even though I’ve basically done my entire first year of college through a zoom screen, I have met some of the nicest and most genuine people. Everyone is so incredibly supportive. More often that not, you will always find someone to help you, whether that be for a class study session or for professional networking advice. So, don’t be afraid to reach out! While it can feel intimidating, I guarantee you that you will feel a lot better after talking to a few other Bruins. We are all so excited to have you join us in this incredible community that we are so fortunate to be a part of. 

Hopefully, this list fills you with some much-needed positivity and gets you excited for fall! I cannot wait to see the amazing things all of you Baby Bruins will accomplish on campus and I truly hope that you have the best college experience possible. 

Anya is a first-year economics major at UCLA and is a feature-writer for Her Campus. When she's not writing, she loves to scuba dive, go makeup shopping, and indulge in black sesame ice cream. She's obsessed with Disney movies and will 100% cry when watching Finding Nemo.
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