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5 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes & Everything You’ll Need To Make Them

If you love Halloween like I do, but don’t have any plans because of COVID-19, spending money on a Halloween costume just doesn’t make much sense. This year, I’m choosing to DIY instead, because the only people who will see my costume are my family and my Instagram followers. Here are some easy DIY ideas to inspire you:

Mario and Luigi

If you’re living with someone, this can be a partner costume you do together, or you can just do it alone. What you need:

– Jean overalls 

– A green and/or red t-shirt

– White gloves

– A green and/or red hat 

– For shoes: you can wear anything you want, whether it’s Converse or white sneakers 

– White paper to cut and attach to your hat for the “M” and  “L”

Thing 1 and Thing 2

This is another costume you can do with a friend or partner, but again, would still be great alone. What you need:

– A red shirt

– Black jeans

– Your choice of shoes

– A white piece of paper

– A black marker to write “Thing 1” and/or “Thing 2” 

Minnie Mouse

If you’re an avid Disney fan, this look is really cute and probably the easiest to create. Who doesn’t love Disney characters? What you need:

– A red shirt (even better if it’s a Disney shirt) 

– Black pants 

– Black shoes

– And the classic Minnie Disney ears with the red bow

Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

This classic look is extremely easy to recreate while still looking chic. What you need:

– A black dress 

– Pearls 

– Black heels 

– Black gloves 

– Black sunglasses (optional) 

– A hairpiece for when you put your hair in a bun


Minions are the funniest little creatures that everyone loves to watch. Luckily, their look is easy to recreate. What you need:  

– A yellow shirt

– Black suspenders

– Jeans 

– Black gloves

– Your choice of black sneakers

– A yellow beanie 

– Black-rimmed glasses

The list of DIY costumes is endless, but we hope this gives you a headstart! 

Allison is a feature writer at UCLA who loves hanging out at the beach and eating any kind of dessert.
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