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5 Hacks I’ve Learned From TikTok That You Can Use To Upcycle Your Closet

I have to admit, being almost two months into the stay at home order lockdown, I have been going a little crazy. I have been feeling really down in the dumps because of the lack of human social interaction. One way I have found that is really helpful for coping with the isolation is to find new ways to reinvent or improve certain areas of my life. I have been doing this through my newfound skincare obsession, finishing all 16 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and baking everything from cookies to cakes. I will admit though, it has been a little difficult finding ways I could be more productive and occupy my time. 

Luckily for me, I recently downloaded TikTok and I can honestly say I have been entertained ever since. One niche department of TikTok that I have been loving is the DIY tutorials on creating cute and trendy clothes. These tutorials actually yield really awesome results. The best part of these videos is that they are super affordable to make and most of the items you need can be found around the house or at your local superstore. I love that all of these tutorials encourage users to be more sustainable in keeping up with fashion trends because these DIYs require clothes that you have already worn out! 

I have personally been creating the cutest lounge wear that sadly nobody else gets to see, but I cannot wait until I can take all of my DIYs to the streets. With that being said, here are 5 hacks I’ve learned from TikTok that you can use to upcycle your closet:

Tie-Dye everything!!!

Tie Dye is a fashion trend that is finally coming back and I am living for it. I cannot tell you how many times I have attempted this DIY hack to upgrade all of my old t-shirts and sweatpants that I no longer wear! You can use a bleach solution or a store bought tie-dye kit to make your own designs at home! 

Bleach your old jeans!

I love two-tone color schemes, and this bleached look on my old jeans make them look new again. Here is a more detailed how-to instruction video to make your own super cute and trendy pair.

Make yourself a cute new two piece set

Two piece sets have been all the rage, and now I totally get why! These sets can be so convienent to throw on and make your whole vibe look super cohesive. The only problem is that store bought sets can be a little pricey, especially if you have to buy each piece seperately. Luckily, you can grab one of your own old hoodies and give this look a try! Here is a more detailed video on how you can make it happen. 

Create a new graphic hoodie or tee

Take your old plain basic t-shirts or crew necks and give them a fresh new look with this DIY. The magic of transfer paper allows you to grab any image of your choice and put them right on your shirt! Here is the TikTok that will help you create your own masterpiece. 

Revamp your shoes for a fun twist

Reinvent your shoe game with a cute and creative twist! You can revamp your old shoes by painting them or sticking on gems with E6000 glue. Either way, creating a new look out of your old shoes will automatically step up your shoe game without hurting your wallet.

I promise I have not been recruited by TikTok, but these are only a few of the ways you can upcycle the clothes in the back of your closet! Instead of having them take up valuable space, give them new life and try some of these hacks for yourself. Not only do they make your fashion more sustainable, but they are also super cute and store worthy. Creating them yourself only makes the piece more special because, like you, they are one of a kind.

Esther Kang is an English major at UCLA who hopes to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. In her free time, she loves to spend the day inside watching Netflix, spending time with friends and exploring the Los Angeles area.
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