5 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas You Have to Try This Year

One thing that drives me nuts about myself is that I’m not super crafty, like at all. However, my favorite part of any holiday or season is the way my mom decorates the house. Whether it be spooky Halloween decor or going all out decking the halls for Christmas, festive crafts never fail to make holidays feel that much more special. DIY crafts are such a fun way to get into the spirit of the season, and I honestly can’t get enough. So how does someone like me deal with being artistically challenged? You guessed it: Pinterest. Here are five cute and EASY Thanksgiving crafts, courtesy of Pinterest.

1. Fall Mason Jars

This super cute twist on the classic mason jar lantern screams “fall.” All you need is some paint, mason jars, votive candles, a leaf-shaped stencil (or you can make your own!) and some twine. Simply tape the stencil on the jar, and paint over the entire jar so that you create a window of clear glass for the candle light to shine through. Peel off the stencil, then finish off with some twine around the lid, and there you have it: the cutest fall-inspired mason jar you’ll ever see.

2. Orange Peels + Cinnamon= DIY fall scent

Kiss your glade air fresheners good bye because you won’t be needing them after learning this neat trick! This is one life hack I need to try this year. If the smell of amazing home cooked food isn’t enough to remind you it really is Thanksgiving, you’ll love this DIY fall home scent. Throw some orange slices and cinnamon sticks together in a pot and boil for twenty minutes to make your whole house smell like fall. If you want, you can even throw in cranberries, apple peels, bay leaves, vanilla extract or persimmons— the list goes on!

3. Turkey Tulle Wreath

Wreaths are a classic, vibrant way to let the entire block know that the inside of your house is chalk-full of festive decorations. This particular wreath is one you can make at home with some tulle, yarn and a wood or foam ring. First, wrap some brown yarn around the entire ring. This will serve as the base of your wreath. Then, section the tulle by color (I recommend yellow, red, orange, brown and green), and wrap it around the ring to mimic turkey feathers. You can add your own twist on this craft by designing the head however you like!

4. Thanksgiving Meat and Cheese Platter

Another turkey-shaped craft, but this time, one you can eat— it's a win-win! Layer your favorite crackers and deli meats in a fan-like motion to create this  turkey shape that’s so cute you won’t want to eat it. To make the center cracker stand out as the turkey head, try using cut up pieces of cheese, peppers, nuts and seeds to design the face.

5. Pumpkin Centerpieces

Who said jack-o-lanterns have to be put away after Halloween? Trying this adorable Thanksgiving take on the jack-o-lantern will put your crafting skills to the test. You can make your pumpkin centerpieces as creative as you want! Cut up some felt paper in the shapes of eyes and beaks to make your pumpkins look like curious little owls. Use fusilli pasta shells as makeshift feet and your little guy is complete. Add your personal touch by giving the pumpkins scarfs, hats, glasses, or even a mini flannel!