5 Democratic Female Politicians That Should Be On Our Radar

America is a country where men dominate a lot of work fields, one of those being politics. These 5 female politicians, along with hundreds of others are breaking ground to improve our country for everyone, not just select groups of the country. 

  1. 1. Kamala Harris

    California’s very own senator. Not only was she the second black woman ever elected to senate, but she has announced that she is running for president in 2020. She has been considered a tough opponent of the Trump administration and has embraced issues such as single-payer healthcare and reforming the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency. She’s also not afraid to show her moves when listening to Cardi B.

  2. 2. Nancy Pelosi

    Not only does she hold a very powerful position in government as Speaker of the House, but she is not afraid to speak her mind for the greater good. She recently gave a speech on TV, demanding President Trump to end the government shutdown. Along with other politicians, Pelosi was able to convince President Trump to the end shutdown for the next three weeks (starting January 25th), while House and Senate negotiators look at border security funding measures.

  3. 3. Elizabeth Warren

    Yet another strong female running for president in 2020. She’s a former University of Pennsylvania Law Professor turned politician. Some of her beliefs include electing strong females to fix the government and trying to start a wealth tax that would affect the richest people in America

  4. 4. Stacey Abrams 

    Former Georgia House Minority Leader now attempting to be the country’s first-ever black female governor. Although she hasn’t been in government very long, she has developed national fame and support. She uses her position to advocate for minorities everywhere.

  5. 5. Gina Raimondo

    Although her past in the government shows that she runs a business-focused governance, Gina Raimondo has proven to be a strong female leader. After receiving an economics degree from Harvard and a law degree from Yale, she founded Rhode Island’s first venture capital firm. Although left wing politicians do not like that she is more business than politics, her ideas show that women know how to talk business as well.

Who knows, maybe there's female president in the near future...