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5 Coffee Shops in LA You MUST Try This Fall

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Los Angeles is a vibrant city with endless days of fun with every season. And while we may not experience the cold shivers Chicago does, we take our 60 degrees of cold and experience the fall through coffee. Below are 5 of the best cafe’s you must try this fall in LA!

1. Espresso Profeta

If you are a UCLA student, a Westwood local, or simply in the area, you know Espresso Profeta is the spot to feed your caffeine addiction. It is always filled with a cozy aroma of quality coffee, and with free WiFi and reasonably priced baked goods, it is the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee as fall approaches. 

2. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

Located in Melrose Place, this coffee shop will leave you coming back for more. The cafe is totally unique and perfect for your daily Instagram. Plus for those of us going dairy-free, they have amazing almond milk options!

3. Churros Calientes

For those of us who have a bit more of a sweet tooth, Churros Calientes is the perfect spot. Located in Santa Monica, Churros Calientes has a great variety of food and coffee options! The coffee is of course great, but it is even better when accompanied by their delicious churros! The soft, warm churro with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate will definitely make you feel like fall is here, even in Los Angeles!

4. Civil Coffee

Located in Los Angeles, this is the perfect spot to brunch with a deliciously crafted coffee or espresso.

5. Menotti’s Coffee Stop

This Venice-based coffee shop gives an old-school vibe and is a perfect place to gather with friends if you are ever in the Venice area. It has a fun vibe and is in a great location since it’s surrounded by so many other cool stores and cafes!

The next time you are in LA or want to explore new coffee shops, don’t look any further than this list!

Photos Courtesy of Flickr & Gloria Villalobos

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