5 Artists Breaking Language Barriers in Pop Culture

I love music, and I love it even more when the singers are from diverse backgrounds. Recently, many singers have been remixing or producing original work where they are heard singing in other languages other than their native tongue. It’s great, and I love every second of it! To show you just how beautiful it is when two or more backgrounds come together, I’ve put together a list of my fave artists creating bridges through music.

1) Nathan Goshen

This Tel Aviv native is not only super cute but has the vocals to match. With Thinking About It, he left us all with our heads spinning thousand miles away in the States.

2) Pharrell Williams and J Balvin

Pharrell Williams and the Colombian singer J Balvin collaborated to work on this masterpiece that is sure to get everyone dancing at any event!

3) Ed Sheeran and Zion y Lennox

Ok, we all love Ed Sheeran, but have you heard Ed Sheeran alongside these Puerto Rican pop artists? This song is actually what you need to get you through any workout, trust me.

4) Beyoncé

This classic left Spanish and English speakers alike SHOOK!

5) Era Isterfi

The Kosovo-Albanian sings in her native Albanian while mixing in English. I especially love this song because when she sings in English, she makes no effort to hide her accent. I think that’s beautiful as it just highlights the diversity in pop culture