5 Amazing Organizations You Can Donate To This Galentine’s Day To Support Women Around The World

Galentine’s Day is centered around the idea of women celebrating and supporting other women; a tribute to the beautiful community and sisterhood we have built with like-minded women around us. Galentine’s Day is a reminder that love transcends beyond a romantic relationship and that the absence of a romantic relationship does not mean the absence of love. Therefore, Galentine’s Day is a perfect day to support and help women that lack the support system many of us are privileged to have because of circumstances beyond their control. Below I will discuss five amazing organizations that are working hard to improve gender equality and boost female empowerment into the popular agenda. Feel free to donate, volunteer or simply learn more about these amazing organizations.

  1. 1. Women For Women International

    Woman sits in bed with her phone, a book and a mug.

    Women For Women International is a nonprofit organization that invests in women from marginalized communities in war-torn countries. Through educational programs, financial resources and support networks, among many other initiatives, Women For Women International hopes to empower women to rebuild their family and communities after devastating events in their country. This organization aims to help women understand their rights and give them the agency to build businesses and stir the local economy. Their website offers amazing ways to get involved and learn more! This Galentine's, let's extend a hand to women who may be less privileged and fortunate than us!

  2. 2. The Malala Fund

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    When we leave high school, middle school even, we know that we have the opportunity to seek higher education if we wish to do so. Unfortunately that is not a luxury that every girl has. The Malala Fund was created in 2013 to fight for the right for all girls to receive 12 years of free education that is equal to their male counterparts'. Through investing in local educators in regions where girls do not have access to secondary education, holding regional leaders accountable and boosting girls’ voices, the Malala Fund is making important strides in building a world where women have every opportunity to learn and become a leader.

  3. 3. Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood serves many purposes for women: from a plethora of resources, education and accessible healthcare. While Planned Parenthood may be a controversial organization for some, this organization gives so many women access to care that they would not be able to receive affordably (or safely) elsewhere and is therefore imperative to support. Planned Parenthood was founded on the idea that women should have access to the care and information that they need to live healthy lives and fulfill all their dreams, an idea that I am sure we can all agree with.

  4. 4. Breast Cancer Research Organization

    person holding pink breast cancer awareness ribbon

    One in every eight women in the US are struggling with breast cancer today. In fact, it is predicted that in 2021, there will be 281,550 new cases of breast cancer just in America. This chilling data is one reason that donating to breast cancer research is so important. By donating to the Breast Cancer Research Organization, you will be helping to fund research that is studying cures for this devastating disease.

  5. 5. Women-Owned Businesses

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    Today is a perfect day to shop at women-owned stores and buy products from female creators. Let's support female entrepreneurs that have overcome obstacles in male-dominated fields and paved the way for women of future generations to do the same. Some of my favorite women-run companies include: Pure Elizabeth, Kween Granola Butter, Go Macro Protein Bars, Sweet Loren’s Cookie Dough and Siete Grain-Free Chips!

This Galentine’s Day, and all year long, let’s stand hand-in-hand with women across the world and keep fighting, advocating and helping women until equality is an unwavering right, and all women from all walks of life have access to the life of their dreams.