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5 Amazing #AcnePositive Influencers You Should Follow On Instagram

Inspired by the #bodypositive movement, the #acnepositive movement has recently been gaining more traction. This is partly due to the boom of skincare during quarantine and the phenomenon of maskne, but it’s also due to people just being more honest about their skin online.

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As someone who only started suffering seriously from acne in my adult years, I have found the #acnepositive community both an informational and uplifting resource. The #freethepimple movement was started by former Britain's Next Top Model contestant Lou Northcote who shared how she battled acne while on-screen in 2017. Since then, she has launched the @freethepimple account where they regularly post people with real, unedited skin.

It’s easy to feel isolated when you have acne as an adult logging into a Zoom meeting of clear faces, since most of your peers have already passed their adolescent “acne phase.” Adult acne is often far more complex, especially for women, as hormonal acne or different underlying health conditions also cause acne. It’s not as simple as finding the right skincare regime. Even under the guidance of a doctor it can take years to find the root cause and what works for your skin.

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However, acne in adults is extremely common. Following influencers who are going through the same thing can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. The images we consume each day have a powerful effect on our mental wellbeing. Here are five amazing #acnepositive influencers on Instagram who you should definitely follow:

Isabella @spottylittlething 

Isabella is a newer influencer to the acne positivity movement and also gives visibility to body acne. Her positivity and honesty about her skin radiate through her posts. She often posts pictures of her skin with inspiring messages that challenge traditional beauty standards and acne myths.

Thalia @acne._positivity 

Thalia documents her acne journey, from having severe acne in the past to the progress she has made so far. Her entire message is all about progress, not perfection. She also frequently posts and promotes other acne positive influencers so you can find many different accounts from her page alone.

Bekki Jade @yours_sincerely_acne

Bekki Jade is a part of both the acne positive community and the body positive community. She uses her account to post about her overall journey toward self-acceptance and self-love. Her posts are unique because she writes them in a letter format from the perspective of her acne and other people in her life. Her posts are incredibly personal, honest, uplifting and sometimes silly.

Patsy @Cystur

Patsy is another newer acne positive influencer who documents her journey with adult nodulocystic hormonal acne. She frequently gives updates and shares skincare tips on what is working for her, along with how she is taking care of her mental health.

Vanessa @tomatofacebeauty

Vanessa is an influencer who has been battling with acne for eight years. She emphasizes that there is no “cure” to acne and reminds her followers to be gentle with themselves throughout their own journey.

As someone who is currently suffering from severe hormonal cystic acne, I know that it's easier said than done to simply "accept yourself" and not get frustrated. Yes, there is technically no "cure" for acne but there are still actions that you can take to care of your overall physical and mental health. It's a process, so please be gentle with yourself and your skin. No matter where you are at in your acne journey, we hope you find these accounts helpful!

Alexis Sanchez is a senior majoring in American Literature and Culture and minoring in Chican@/x Studies and is a Transfer Representative for HC at UCLA. She hopes to bring more marginalized perspectives into mainstream media.
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