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4 Rooftop Bars to Splurge on With Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is about two things: love and alcohol. Whether you’re planning to spend the holiday with your partner or your besties, LA’s rooftop bars are the perfect place to dress up and celebrate. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to take some time off from your hectic schedule, spend time with your friends and enjoy the things that the city has to offer. Here are my top four favorite rooftop bars to do just that: 

Perch la

Perch’s tagline is “an elegant resting place,” and it’s exactly that. Located 16 floors above Downtown LA, this rooftop bar and lounge offers classic French cuisine and Parisian-inspired cocktails. Instead of a swanky, modern feel, Perch’s vintage indoor decor and comfy outdoor furniture give it a homey, welcoming ambiance, like it’s a place where you can kick your feet up and enjoy a drink or two. Make sure to book your reservation during sunset for the full 360º DTLA skyline experience. 


Élephante is a sunny slice of the Mediterranean planted right next to the Santa Monica shore. It gives more of a bohemian, beachy aesthetic and is great for a rooftop lunch date if you already have dinner plans. Élephante’s menu is largely based on what’s in season and is full of coastal Italian influences, boasting a slew of pizzas, pasta, and a seemingly endless wine list. This is a great place to wear your favorite sundress and enjoy the California weather with that someone special. 

L.P. Rooftop bar

L.P. is located above E.P., a luxurious American and Asian cuisine restaurant located in West Hollywood. This bar features a bunch of fun drinks, like a rosé frozen cocktail and a spiked boba tea, very reflective of the LA scene along with its string lights and neon signs. L.P. is one of the trendiest bars out there, so definitely put on your best fit and take all the pictures. 

Broken shaker

Less than a mile away from Perch, Broken Shaker is another DTLA bar and lounge that is a must-go during sunset. It’s located above the 4-star Freehand Hotel and is known for its vibrant, colorful dining setting. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, go during the day for some casual hand-crafted drinks; if you’re looking for something more bustling, visit on the weekend or at night for live music and exotic cocktails. 

I was never a huge celebrator of Valentine’s Day, but I’ll never turn down a rooftop bar invitation. All of these places also serve food or have conjoining restaurants, so you can make a night of it with dinner and then have a rooftop drink or two. My wish for you this holiday is that you get to sit in a comfy chair, cocktail in hand and not a care in the world, with someone you love next to you. Take pleasure in the little moments, indulge yourself a little, and have a great Valentine’s. 

Audrie is a third-year student from Honolulu, Hawaii, majoring in Human Biology Society and minoring in Anthropology. Her favorite things to talk about are self-care, brunch, and her cat. She also really loves the beach and anything matcha flavored! In her free time, you can catch her shopping for records, books, and Trader Joe's snacks.
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