4 Creative Ways To Have An Awesome Staycation

With the all the three-day-weekends coming up in January and February, there isn't enough time for a grand European vacation, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun at home!

1. Look Up the Top Tourist Spots

With websites like Tripadvisor, it’s easy as can be to see what tourists love doing in your town. You might find some interesting parks or small museums that are worth exploring!

2. Take a Spa Day

Go to Target! Get face masks, foot masks, scrubs and anything else your heart desires for a little pampering. Light some candles, run a bath and play some relaxing music while you give your skin a little extra love in the cold, dry weather.

3. Dinner and a Show

Go out to a new restaurant or cafe that you’ve been eyeing and take yourself or a friend out to a show after– whether that be a local production of a play, a concert, or even just a good old fashion movie with a bucket of popcorn. No one can go wrong with the newest Disney or action flick.

4. Take Public Transportation

Get on the bus or the train, and explore not just your hometown, but the surrounding cities as well— big or small. Not only will you get to learn (or brush up) on the public transit system, but you’ll get to explore a new place.