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4 Cheap And Easy Halloween Accessories To Complete Any Outfit

Dressing up for Halloween can require a lot of time, effort, and money, but it all pays off once you’re out celebrating in a killer outfit. Not to be forgotten are the accessories that can totally complete your outfit and help you serve looks this Halloween. And not only are they easy to find in a huge variety from your local craft or convenience store, each of the accessories listed are inexpensive to either DIY or purchase!

1. Tattoos

Just as no Harry Potter would be complete without his lightning bolt and no Eleven without the 011 mark, temporary tattoos can be key to a mind-blowing Halloween costume. If you can’t find the tattoo you’re looking for at a local store, don’t worry! There are really simple ways of making your own temporary tattoos using just paper towels, water, and a printer. Besides being inexpensive and easy, these tattoos will perfectly complete your Halloween outfit.

2. Hair Accessories 

From Scrunchies to headbands, a fun hair accessory can really differentiate a character. The choices are simple but can really make your outfit. A Scrunchie can distinguish an ‘80s character from another Halloween costume, while a cute headband can bring out a Gossip Girl look. It all really depends on the look you are trying to portray. Either way, the hair accessory you choose can be crucial to your Halloween success.  


3. Earrings

You’ll have so many options: plastic ones are particularly affordable while still making a huge impact. While hoops may work best for a pirate costume, for example, other punk rock costumes may call for edgy chains. Each costume is totally unique, and the earrings you incorporate to the costume can totally change up your vibe.


4. Bracelets

From anklets to bangles, these accessories can accentuate the character that you are emulating. Buy or make large plastic bangles for an Aladdin look, or beaded bracelets for a gypsy costume. Experiment and add your personal creative touch to it.


Halloween costume shopping can mean a lot of time and money, but these accessories are extremely affordable and easy to make! Even better, they are invaluable to your Halloween costume and can really complete your look. The clothes you wear might seem to be the most noticeable and important part, but don’t forget the little things! It’s in these small details that you really stand out. 

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