3 Reasons UCLA will Always be Better Than USC

Amidst the biggest rivalry of the year, the UCLA vs. U$C football game, it's always absolutely vital to address some of the reasons why UCLA will ALWAYS be a better USC. While there are some great reasons, such as the fact that we have more National Championships (113 vs. USC’s 102) or three times as many Nobel Laureates as USC, those things can change over the course of time. But there are some reasons that will always remain true, that time can never change.

Here are just a few of those endless reasons why UCLA will always trump USC!

1.) The location.  

UCLA is located just a few miles away from the beach, the Santa Monica pier, Beverly Hills and the airport. There is tons of low-cost transportation available to get to these places, and gives students something to do every weekend that is close by and easily accessible. Westwood also has movie premieres happening on nearly a regular basis, so you might stumble upon a big red carpet event while you are walking around the area!


The Santa Monica Pier, image courtesy of lattravel.com

2.) Its architecture.

It’s nearly impossible to stroll along the UCLA campus without being in awe of the architecture. Between Royce Hall, Powell Library and Kirkhoff, UCLA boasts some of the most beautiful campus architecture around, and has been the filming location for many popular films including “Legally Blonde,” “Angels and Demons” and many more.


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

3.) Along with our campus, our marching band is basically famous, too.

Did you know that the members of UCLA’s marching band have made several T.V. appearances? Ellen called upon the band to play in multiple promotional videos for her 2014 fall season, and this year they helped Ellen mark “halftime” on her 13th season by performing “The Might Bruins”  and “Bang Bang.” The band also played alongside “Orange is the New Black” star  Laverne Cox in her performance on Lip Sync Battle this year, and they have been featured in several videos for the Super Bowl.


Photo Courtesy of DIrecTV