3 Places to Visit This "Winter" In California

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As a native Californian, I have never experienced a true winter. Being blessed with 70 degree weather and clear blue skies means we have time to enjoy the holidays without dealing with the pouring rain and snow.  Perks of living in Los Angeles during the holidays means you get to experience visiting these super festive places:

1.  Santa Monica Pier

Every one that lives in Los Angeles knows the Santa Monica Pier and has been there multiple times. My family and I always go to the pier for the view and then hit the Promenade for lunch after. As a historical site in California its only right to send your sunny "winter" weekends by the beach, on the pier taking selfies and eating ice cream!

2. Christmas Tree Lane

Located in Altadena, California, Christmas Tree Lane is a famous spot to see the best decorated houses! It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited, an entire street of 10ft tall trees dressed top to bottom in Christmas lights and decorations. Both peaceful and engertic Christmas Tree Lane is one of the best places to see in California.

3. Disneyland! 

Of course you have to visit Disneyland! This needs no explanation as everyone both East Coast and West Coast knows the magic and greatness that is Disneyland, especially when it is all decked out for the holidays.


Photos courtesy of: Pinterest.com, Disneyland.com, Iamnotastalker.com, insidertours.com