2020 Sparks A New Decade For A New Adulthood

It is January 2020 which means we have entered a new year and we have also entered a new decade. Yes, it is definitely scary that we are closer to 2030 than 2005. We just completed the previous decade, and for most of us, this former decade included most of our childhood and most of our fondest memories. However, now that we are entering a new decade in 2020, we are also faced with another chapter in our lives: adulthood.

In this decade, we may not be where we are now. Our lives will be much more different in four, five, seven and 10 years! Perhaps we may achieve our dream job, settle down, travel or do something totally unexpected. We don’t know what is going to happen in this new decade, but one thing is for sure: we are becoming adults. Although a bit cliché, it seems that just yesterday we were watching the premiere of High School Musical and anticipating what would happen to Troy and Gabriella. It seems that just yesterday we were obsessing over Silly Bandz and Orbeez. But now we will have to worry about future jobs, paying the bills, managing time and the life of adulting

The last decade seems so close, but in fact, it has been years since we were at the prime age of seven. It seems as though time has progressed quickly from being a kid to now being a college student. Instead of worrying about what show to watch on the TV when one show on Disney Channel conflicted with another show on Nickelodeon, we now have to worry about graduating and getting a degree. Personally, now that I’m looking back at my childhood years, I regret that I didn’t appreciate being a kid enough and how I took my childhood for granted. If I could go back in time, I definitely would have cherished the memories I made when I was younger. Many people probably feel the same, and there is nothing wrong with that. Instead of regretting what we could’ve done in the past, perhaps we can use this moment to motivate ourselves to cherish the memories we will make in the future.

I know that becoming an adult may seem frightening, but it is also a way to gain new experiences. It does seem scary that we may no longer be students in college in five years, but that is the joy of the unknown. We are suspensefully waiting for what our future holds. So, although the decade will be a time of change, it is also a time to embrace new experiences in regards to your life, friends and family. Starting off the decade by doing what makes you happy will contribute to your future. Yes, the new decade has arrived. Yes, we are going to face new challenges. But no, we will not shy away from the future. We will instead embrace the changes that will take place in the upcoming years!