20 Things You Only Understand if You're a Her Campus Intern

I lucked out this summer and got to work in the Her Campus national headquarters in Boston. As an Editorial Intern, I edited the national articles for the magazine, attended meetings with the national editors (including the Editor in Chief Stephanie!) and worked on cool long-term projects about activism and inspiring women. Out of the office, that also means I bonded with the 16 other Her Campus interns on adventures around the city. If you want to know what life is like as an HC intern, here are 20 moments we all experienced:

1. When you become obsessed with formatting articles

I didn't choose this life. It chose me.

2. You get actual nightmares about this image

You fear nothing more than re-linking deleted photos.

3. You spend more time on giphy than on your makeup

Searching for the best gif 'cause memes > mascara.

4. You live the Starbucks life

5. You've basically become a master coder

*adds one center tag* *changes major to computer science*

6. Drake & Josh is everything

You whisper "MEGAN!" anytime something goes wrong.

7. You have a love/hate relationship with Bevi

Our flavored water machine was broken for a solid three weeks.


Constantly trying to reconnect.

9. Exploring Boston with your fellow interns

ALL the adventures.

10. Seeing Red Sox logos nonstop

11. Working with amazing all-star editors slash boss queens

Love the HC fam!

12. Getting to go to Her Conference in NYC

*fangirls over everything*

13. And Skedaddling 

14. Subtweeting MBTA

The transportation system has its own Twitter, guys. 

15. Having weird inside jokes that no one understands

Us discussing Fargo and Swedish fish^

16. Being followed by sexy pharaoh in Times Square

It happened.

17. Eating lunch outside on the front steps like

18. Meeting so many wonderful girls from all over the country

And getting advice on how to run a successful Her Campus chapter.

19. Learning so much in just two months


20. And being heartbroken that it's over

I don't want to leave Boston. I don't want to leave Her Campus. DON'T MAKE ME.