19 of the Weirdest Venmo Requests

We've all seen that funny Venmo request that someone left on public, just in case the world wants to snoop into their lives. Strippers? Hiding the body? Lines? They usually involve some shady jokes. I spent my morning scrolling through Venmo to see what kind of weird requests y'all animals are sending. I waded through a lot of Ubers, WiFis and Applebee's, but here are 19 gems—and honestly, I don't even want to know the stories behind these. 

1. Not sure but maybe?

2. When Venmo becomes your tool for social justice

3. Because emotional support is a full-time job

4. When being the mom friend has its perks

5. Whatever THIS is

6. When Avengers: Infinity War sparks heated debates 

7. It makes a HUGE difference, Kaitlin

8. Is this a new sex thing? 

9. This ~exact~ camping-on-a-budget shopping list

10. OMGGG congrats Jessie!

 11. Except maybe rosé for breakfast?

12. Step Brothers, anyone?!

13. Thx for the Yelp review

14. How rude

15. The ultimate roommate issue

16. Why tho

17. The real post-grad job hunt

18. CHICKEN nugs?!

19. It was bound to come up

If anything, let this be a warning to keep your Venmo transactions on private.