17 Memorable Quotes from 2017 by Women We Love

2017, for many of us, was not the easiest year... to say the least. Many things we'd like to forget. But in difficult times, so many strong women seem to find the strength and wisdom to speak up and empower us to be as resilient and supportive of one another as we can. Here are 17 of those women.

1. Katy Perry

“It’s not always easy to choose love, right? Especially in moments like this it can be difficult. But love conquers fear and love conquers hate. And this love that you choose will give you strength, and it’s our greatest power.”

We all remember the horrific attack on Ariana Grande’s fans in Manchester last year. What we also must remember, though, is how quickly Grande willed herself to rise up from the wreckage and fly a number of her friends and fellow musicians out to Manchester to honor the fallen victims. At her One Love Manchester concert, one of these friends, the wonderful Katy Perry, covered her body with printed photos of the 22 victims and spoke some incredibly memorable and moving words.

Long live Queen Katy.

2. Miley Cyrus

“The most important responsibility we have on this entire planet is to take care of one another.”

Also at One Love Manchester, another one of our faves preaches some deep wisdom for how we can move on from such violent and terrible acts.

Oh, Miley. Just spreadin' love, as always.

3. Tarana Burke

“We need to be inundating these children with the idea that consent is the way of life.”

How could we talk of women in 2017 without mentioning one of the most groundbreaking changes in recent her-story? Burke, the creator of the original #MeToo movement, has been spreading messages of empowerment for women of color for years, but the rapid-fire trends on social media this year expanded her original message into a globally embraced (albeit with a meaning that differs significantly from its original meaning) phenomenon. Though popularized in 2017 on Twitter by actress Alyssa Milano, the movement itself began in 2006 when Burke set out to encourage women of color to speak out against sexual violence. Although, as Burke told Yes! Magazine, her and Milano’s “goals are inherently different, she still says she “appreciate[s] that level of support” and that the two have even “become friends in this process.” TALK ABOUT WOMEN COMING TOGETHER TO AFFECT POSITIVE CHANGE.

4. Beyoncé

“It’s important to me to show images to my children that reflect their beauty so they can grow up in a world where they look in the mirror, first through their own families, as well as the news, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the White House and the Grammy's, and see themselves.”

And how could we mention empowered women we love without mentioning Queen Bey? At her Grammy's acceptance speech for best urban contemporary album, the then-expecting mother taught us all once again how to be better.

I mean, just look at her...

5. Michelle Obama

“I want our young people to know that they matter, that they belong. So don’t be afraid— you hear me, young people? Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered. Empower yourselves with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise. Lead by example with hope, never fear.”

At her last public speech as First Lady, we all cried as the mother and female icon of all of ours exited just as elegant and iconic as ever.

She's not like a regular mom. She's a cool mom.

6. Ellen DeGeneres

“Just repeat after me... I am good enough just as I am. I am supposed to be unique and different. I'm not supposed to be like everyone else. I promise to be kind to people.”

Who could forget these great words from one of the most inspirational voices of love and kindness of our time?

Even at a Kids' Choice Awards, she's able to leave us all feeling even more ready to put those good vibes into the universe.

7. Octavia Spencer

“Comparing yourself to others’ success only slows you down from finding your own.”

At the 2017 Kent State University commencement ceremony, another beautiful, strong woman reminded us to find our truth and trust in our own paths.

Goddess bless Octavia.​

8. Gal Gadot

“She’s fierce, she’s proactive, she believes in herself, she believes she can do everything, and that’s a true woman to me.”

Let's not leave out the huge moment for women in film that happened in '17. After portraying Wonder Woman in one of the most influential films of the year, Gadot offered some insight into why Wonder Woman is such a wonderful role model for women of all ages.

9. Tiffany Haddish

“I feel like I should be able to wear what I want, when I want, however many times I want, as long as I Febreezed it.”

PREACH, girl.

Thank you to whoever decided to have this hilarious woman host SNL.

10. Emma Watson

“Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality."

After some super aggressive comments were posted online about a semi-revealing Vanity Fair shoot she did, this feminist goddess, of course, had something to say about it. And it reminded us all of what being a feminist truly means.

11. Sheryl Sandberg

"Counting your blessings increases them. People who take the time to focus on the things they are grateful for are happier and healthier."

At another commencement ceremony this year (this time at Virginia Tech), best-selling author and world-renowned feminist icon Sheryl Sandberg taught us that "leaning in" also includes leaning into being thankful for the gifts we've received.

12. Demi Lovato

(Speaking of leaning in...)

"You really have to lean into the people that are trying to support you... You really have to surrender, because that is when the change is going to happen."

Another memorable thing to happen to some of our fave females was Demi Lovato's new documentary, Simply Complicated, in which she once again opened up about her battle with addiction and mental illness over the years. In it, she taught us that the only way to better yourself is to let the people who care about you help you get there.

13. Reese Witherspoon

“Imagine this. What would happen if we were all brave enough to be a little bit more ambitious? I think the world would change.”

At the Glamour Women of the Year event this year, Witherspoon described why she is so passionate about expanding female representation and visibility in the entertainment industry.

Elle Woods 2020? Lmk.

14. Meryl Streep

"We have to remind each other of the privilege and the responsibility of the act of empathy.”

And, of course, who can forget Mama Meryl's speech at the Golden Globes when she preached about immigration policy and the importance of the press?

Honestly, it's no wonder the whole world has been obsessed with her for this many decades.

15. Serena WIlliams

“The only reason I am who I am is because of my losses. Some of them are extremely painful, but I wouldn't take any of them away.”

At a 2017 TED Conference, the record-breaking athlete shared why losing can sometimes be the most important thing to happen in life.

16. Chrissy Metz

"It doesn't matter where you come from, what your scale currently says or what society has taught you to believe. You are entitled to greatness. No matter what."

Anyone who has seen This is Us has to admit that Chrissy Metz is one of the most influential faces to enter Hollywood maybe ever. On her Instagram, she posted this in one of her captions, and it reminded us again of why we love her so.

"Number Two," you've done it again.

17. Jennifer Lawrence

“It should be every person’s duty to help and protect anyone no matter their nationality.”

And, finally, some words to end, coming to you from America's Awkward Sweetheart.

We love you, too, J-Law. We love you, too.

Can't wait to see which 18 quotes we'll be remembering next year!


Photo courtesy of Mossimo Gambrioli.

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