12 of the Worst Coachella 2019 Outfits That Made Us Say "Big Yikes"

Coachella is an easy target, let's be honest. People go a little too crazy and go full costume, and that's totally okay. I much prefer to see outfits like that then denim shorts and a bodysuit. I understand that it's two million degrees and most people are not sober, but these celebrities have teams to make them look this bad. There's a lot to unwrap and I scowered through a lot to get you the absolute worst looks and to make sure they are judged to the fullest.

  1. 1. Kendall Jenner

    WhAt aRe thoooOOOse? I am so sorry. Those shoes look like they were stolen from Rumplestiltskin. I feel like the gloves were already a big enough risk. Pulling up with the gloves and those shoes made me really question how Kendall is a runway model, and why her stylists thought this outfit was a good idea. I really do respect fashion and understand those shoes are probably so expensive like the other items in her outfit, but they just look: yikes. 

  2. 2. Lianne V and Don Benjamin

    I understand these guys are "Instagram influencers." I just wanna know why they thought holographic needed a moment. It's sad because I really appreciate her makeup and spray tan and of course, Don's beautiful face. I almost feel like they're trying to do a Britney-Justin denim moment, which is a little arrogant not gonna lie. Holographic is already an excessive fashion statement, and she actually did two holographic textures. I feel like these are outfits that would be on pop stars on Disney Channel, looking like Zenon from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. 

  3. 3. Festival Goer

    I do not know who this is, but I already know babygirl is sweating bullets. I would too, but hey at least her exposed thighs let in some circulation. At first I thought they were separate items, like jean shorts and high jean-socks, but I then realized it's a connected trouser with those weird little denim straps. Okay. The lipstick is a little paint-grandpa-y and washes her out. I can't figure out what item is throwing off this fit or if it's just collectively bad, but it doesn't sit well with me. 

  4. 4. Festival Goer

    This kind of looks like when you go to an amusement park and get chilly, so you buy a sweatshirt to throw over yourself. But i feel like she planned this tie-dye mess because of the matching little hat. It's like from the waist down is T Swift "Teardrops on My Guitar" vibes, and the waist up is straight from a Coney Island merch shop. At least, she looks warm, especially with those white boots. Actually I don't even think this is that bad, or maybe I'm just getting desentizied after staring it for so long.

  5. 5. Burna Boy

    Is he summoning the bees with all that yellow? It hurts my eyes. I think he most likely knew this was a bad idea, but also knew it was too late to turn back. He really gave it his all with his confidence and I think that does help because that fringe must have been flowing hard. Also why do the backup dancers look like their from The Flintstones

  6. 6. Draya Michelle 

    This could have been a Leg Avenue costume for the movie Rio. Yes, I'm talking about the animated movie with the pretty tropical birds that live in Brazil. Definitely those cute colors remind me of tropical bird feathers, but fringe got way too much love this year. You can tell she regrets it—her eyes look sad. 

  7. 7. Ashlee Simpson

    I had to google her name because I had a gut feeling she didn't spell her name the traditional "Ashley" way. Either way, I honestly want to know who invites her to events because I don't know her fanbase or if it even exists. This kind of reminds of Beyoncé's old line House of Deréon, but it also looks like she found it at T.J. Maxx and the poor thing sat in the back of her closet for a year or so. She must have really practiced this pose—*cue 45 degree knee tilt* 

  8. 8. Liam Payne

    This was so brave, but they couldn't have given him a little contour? A little bronzer? Also the shoes... At least he is posing really well. He knows this was a mistake and he's trying to figure out a better branding situation. I mean I get it, satin isn't easy. I feel like I'm making excuses because I genuinely feel bad for this look. 

  9. 9. Festival Goers

    Most people don't do ABC (anything but clothes) themed events but these girls reallllyyyyy do. I feel like they knew they would get on a worst dressed list for this, maybe that's what they were going for. I don't think anyone sane would want to be partially aluminum. I seriously hope those cans were cleaned well because if not that'd be so sticky and uncomfortable. Since this was likely plotted and done for attention, I don't feel bad for judging. 

  10. 10. Hailey Baldwin

    I really do not like this. I feel so many different vibes from it and the whole thing is so incohesive. Like the red Vans? Hailey, you're a millionaire. She could've gotten a more aesthetically pleasing footware item with that full lingerie corset ordeal. This is just so lazy and disappointing from someone with so many resources and a size zero body. 

  11. 11. Hrush Achemyan

    I actually think this would've been really fun without the jacket and a different hair style because her extensions look older and drier than all of Coachella Valley after weekend two. Ripped tights are also very impossible to pull off and she really put those babies to work. Once again, I love the confidence and the fact that after she did that whole fit she thought to herself, "This needs RED lipstick."

  12. 12. Paris Hilton

    If someone ten years ago had told me that Paris Hilton would still be going this hard, I wouldn't have believed you. She is still on brand with her 2003 identity and it makes me so tired. She's hitting like Housewives level and I feel like she only owns Hervé Leger dresses just for going to events like this. Also, the fingerless gloves and ashy knees? Her pose is good though.