12 Reasons the Hocus Pocus Cast Makes It the Best Halloween Movie Ever

One of best things about any holiday is spending time curled up on the couch with your favorite people, watching the best holiday movies. Luckily, Halloween has one of the greatest lists of movies out there. However, that list is numbered, and Hocus Pocus is doubtlessly at the top of that list.

If you have yet to see this film, it is an absolute classic that will complete your Halloween - the Sanderson sisters are a trio that keeps 1693 relevant every year.

The entire cast really makes the movie one you'll never forget. Here are just a few reasons to dive into Salem, Massachusetts this Halloween. 

1.  The Sanderson sisters have one goal - suck the lives out of little children. Perfect ~spooky~ premise, if you ask me.

2. Yet while these ladies have an eerie goal in mind, their 1693 mentality makes them hilariously entertaining characters. 

3. Each sister has a very distinct personality, which makes them wonderfully dysfunctional as a team. 

4. Winifred is the queen bee of the group, and her sarcasm and flippant attitude is all of us. 

5. Sarah is the narcissistic yet still lovable beauty of the crew. She also has some killer vocals. 

6. Mary is the often paranoid, neurotic one of the bunch, but is frequently the one to bring harmony to the group. Her facial expressions and awkward mouth movements truly make her character.

7. Dani isn't your average 9 year old. She is sassy and witty, and the best little witch in the making. 

8. Let's not forget Max- after all he is the virgin who lit the black flame candle the brought the Sanderson sisters back from the dead... 

9. Allison is the voice of reason - she knows the Sanderson Sisters are real, and she does what she needs to do to stop them. 

10. Let's not forget our favorite local punks, "ICE" and Jay...

11. Binx the immortal cat has arguably more reason than any of the characters in the movie; enhanced by his lovely british accent.

He's loving but can whip out the occasional hiss if anyone messes with his humans.

12. Finally, there's Billy, Winifred's ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with Sarah, and was poisoned as punishment.

He's long accepted his fate, and is ready to get back to sleep. 

... And he gives the ultimate insult to Winifred. 



Don't forget to catch Hocus Pocus before October ends! Or else...