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12 Forms of Procrastination You’ve Definitely Tried This Finals Week

It’s true: 10th week is upon us! Now is the time when we students become experts at finding ways to pretend to be productive instead of studying for finals. Here are some of the most common ways people avoid studying:


1.     You workout for hours, even if that means you just stretch while you jam to Taylor Swift



2.     You clean your room…sort of

Well, at least you know where everything is, right?


3.     You spend hours in the dining hall doing absolutely nothing

Hey, it takes hard work to eat that much!


4.     You make a to-do list of completely irrelevant things


5.     You come up with a new everyday makeup routine


6.     Netflix: where you can waste precious study hours binge watching “Friends”

How could something so beautiful be the source of such evil?


7.     Often followed up by a quick 3 hour nap break

Because honestly, that IS being productive.


8.     You call your friends from home who you haven’t talked to all year


9.     You Snapchat pictures of your books to seem like you are “productive”


10.  You try to figure out what classes to take next quarter, which only stresses you out since all the classes you want are always full


11. You delete old, embarrassing photos of yourself from Facebook out of the fear that your new friends will discover what a weirdo you truly are

All photos from ages 13-16 should be permenantly banned from Facebook.


12.  You scroll through articles online until you realize YOUR FINAL IS TOMORROW!


...and that means it's unfortunately time to work. 

Julie is a second-year undergraduate student at UCLA. Her passions include tennis, (watching) ice hockey, eating far too many delicious foods, dancing around like an idiot with her friends, and being overly sassy. She aspires to work in pretty much any realm of sports.
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