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11 Social Distancing Back-To-School Essentials

Whether your college has chosen to go back in-person, online or is following some sort of hybrid model, you’re going to need to some back-to-school items that help you stay safe and healthy all school year. Here at UCLA, 85% of classes are online – leaving only 15% of classes in-person – but no matter where you go these days, or what your situation is, you need to be protected. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of social distancing essentials!

OH.SO Hand Sanitizer

OH.SO hand sanitizer is a great item to stash in your purse or backpack, so you can keep your hands clean at all times. I especially like this one because they use colloidal silver, which kills bacteria, but is also super gentle on sensitive skin.

Joyfolie Face Masks

These Joyfolie face masks are absolutely gorgeous, and are perfect for gals who have a girly, vintage sense of style. My favorite detail is the lace – so unique!


WERKSHOP is an awesome company to buy from right now, not only because their clothes have been worn by Nina Dobrev, Hilary Duff, and Joe Jonas, but because they’re donating 10% of the proceeds from their face masks to a COVID-19 disaster relief charity. And WERKSHOP’s face masks have the coolest prints too – which you can match to their amazing workout sets for campus runs or trips to the grocery store!

Theramasks Face Masks

Theramasks offers another fabulous option for face masks, because they’re made with a special fabric that reduces facial contamination. What’s not to love about that?! I also really like how simplistic and clean their mask designs are. They will always go with whatever outfit you happen to have on!

QUE Bottle Water Bottle 

This QUE Bottle is absolutely perfect to grab and fill before you head out the door. It’s lightweight and collapsible, so it will definitely be a staple in my bag when I go out – especially since it’s no longer safe to drink from water fountains around campus.

Smoko Face Masks

Smoko has yet another awesome option for face masks, this time for the ladies who love fun, cutesy items. Their range of masks has adorable designs featuring mini avocados, pearl boba tea, kawaii foods, and more!

LULUSIMONSTUDIO Selectively Social Tee

I’m a huge fan of LULUSIMONSTUDIO’s social distancing collection, and these “Selectively Social” and “Anti Social” tees are some of my absolute faves. They’re such cool, effortless shirts to rock during any Zoom session, especially if you like to wear your sense of humor!

AMY O Jewelry-Safe Hand Sanitizer

AMY O’s jewelry-safe hand sanitizer is coming in clutch for those of us that like to sport tons of rings and bracelets. It’s even a great option if you have one staple jewelry item that you want to protect from harsh hand sanitizers. Either way, AMY O’s hand sanitizer will keep you and your favorite jewelry safe, and that’s why I love it!

MedZone Face Balm

MedZone’s face balm is the perfect thing to to put on under your mask, so that your skin can stay fresh and protected. It’s especially great if you have to wear a mask for long periods of time – like for a lab class – because it keeps your face from getting chafed or chapped. Count me in!

Rainbow Shops Face Masks

I’m also loving Rainbow Shops’ face masks, because they come in a bunch of trendy patterns. Like they say on their Instagram – your style doesn’t have to stop at your clothes. Masks can totally be fashionable too!

Live Love Gameday T-Shirts

Last, but certainly not least, we have Live Love Gameday, a company that is offering a bunch of fun tees that allow you to rep your quarantine mood. A couple of my current faves are their shirts that say “Maybe Next Year” and “Wake Me Up When Baseball Is Back.” Too relatable!

Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these back-to-school social distancing essentials!

Caroline is the current President & Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at UCLA. She is a fourth-year History major with minors in Film, Television, & Digital Media and Digital Humanities. Caroline has had internships in Influencer Marketing, Fashion PR, and Communications, and she looks forward to pursuing Marketing and PR in her future career. She loves to spend her time reading, writing, and hanging out with friends, and she has a passion for pop culture. If Caroline could spend all her time in one place, it would be Disneyland. You can contact her at [email protected]!
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