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The 11 Relatable Stages Of Winter Quarter

It is a common rumor at UCLA that winter quarter is the darkest quarter of the year. Maybe it’s the feeling that winter break just wasn’t enough time for us to recharge. Maybe we got a taste of going home and are suffering from a newly refreshed bout of homesickness. Whatever the case my be, the journey of a college student during winter quarter tends to follow a general pattern, so you may already know what’s in store for you these next few weeks.


Week 1: Motivated


It’s Week 1. You’re invigorated from that winter break charge. The “new year, new me” chant has become your mantra and you’re just ready to buckle down and score some major W’s this quarter.

Week 2: Rainy & Wet


You’ve taken to carrying an umbrella around with you. You anticipate pulling soggy notebooks out of your backpack, and you always get home to find your socks drenched. The darkness of the sky and the gloominess of the season is starting to wear on you.

Week 3: Procrastinating


You’ve been good these first two weeks, you think I can totally afford to let myself slack off. Plus, it’s only Week 3 - what’s the harm? (Mistake #1)

Week 4: Long Weekends


You can still remember that long weekend that just passed, and it was SO good. You got to catch up on your readings, hang out with your friends and finish up that show on Netflix that you didn’t get around to over winter break. You’re already looking forward to the next one.

Week 5: Catch Up 


The long weekend felt so productive and rejuvenating that you let yourself procrastinate - just a little bit. But now it’s time for midterms, and you realize you still have so many chapters to read. So many assignments to do - and what’s that? A paper due Monday?

Week 6: Procrastination's Revenge 


Midterm season is officially in effect. All that procrastinating that you did is finally catching up to you.

Week 7: A Breather 


While the ghost of midterms is still hanging over your head, you can already see the end of the quarter waving hello. In this small, peaceful moment of in-between, let yourself breathe a little before things really start to get wild.

Week 8: Papers, Papers, Papers 


You survived the flurry of midterm exams, but now your writing and analytical skills are being put to the test. Week 8 is typically when the essays and the written assignments start to emerge, demanding your utmost attention and deliberation.

Week 9: Review Sessions


Week 9 signals the start of review sessions, the frantic scurry to finish up our assignments and the ever-present reminder that finals is just around the corner.

Week 10: Coffee Is A Reliable BFF 


During Week 10, you split your time between studying for finals and wondering why you didn’t start studying sooner. The only antidotes to these conditions are office hours and coffee.

Finals Week: Caught Between 2 Eras 


It’s about time to bid winter quarter farewell and prepare for spring break. While caught in the midst of these two eras, you are prepared to show professors how much you’ve learned.

While the journey that college students tend to follow over the course of winter quarter tends to follow a humorous pattern, use this information as a warning! This quarter, try to actually turn over a new leaf by avoiding procrastination and staying on top of assignments throughout the term. Although these tips are easier said than done, they can definitely serve to benefit you and your mental health in the long run. And during this quarter, don’t forget to save some time for yourself; self-care is crucial. Happy winter quarter, collegiates!