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Trader Joe\'S Reusable Bag
Trader Joe\'S Reusable Bag
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10 Ways You Can Save the Planet Without Breaking the Bank

Climate change is a problem looming over all of our heads, and it’s become more apparent that we need to do something about it. Even though corporations and government institutions need to take the lead in solving this crisis, we can also play a part in creating an environmentally friendly world. I know that sustainable products and practices can be more expensive, but I’m here to tell you 10 ways that you can contribute to saving the planet without spending everything you have:

lower your energy consumption

You can reduce your energy use in simple ways. Try something as simple as turning the lights out before you leave a room or opening up the blinds to take advantage of natural light.

Eat less meat

Being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy expensive organic juices. You can make small adjustments to your diet such as eating less meat. Try implementing something like a Meatless Monday.

Recycle properly

Ensure that you’re recycling trash properly. If you have a plastic bag of recyclables, make sure to empty it out in the bin instead of throwing the whole thing away. Also, take notice of plastic film and wrap on boxes before you recycle them.

Use reusable products
reusable water bottle

From water bottles to shopping bags, there are so many reusable products available for us to use. You don’t have to get something as pricey as a Hydro Flask. There are other companies (like bubba and ThermoFlask) that sell similar products at lower prices.

Avoid Fast fashion

It’s easy to shop from fast fashion because it’s inexpensive, but second-hand stores can get you higher quality clothes for a lower price.

Think twice before buying

While we’re on the subject, you should also think twice before buying a good. Ask yourself if you really need or want a product before you impulse buy it. If you keep yourself from overconsuming, you’ll help out the planet and save some money in the process.

Drive Less

Opt to take a stroll or ride a bike if the location you’re going to is within a reasonable distance. There is no need to switch to an expensive electric vehicle to make an environmentally friendly commute.

Grow your own food

For those with a green thumb and a love for plants, try growing your own food. You can create a garden and grow your own herbs and vegetables.

Go paperless
Colleagues looking at laptop

A lot of companies are offering to switch to paperless billing. It costs you nothing but a few clicks to switch to this option, and you’ll find that it’s a lot more convenient to receive notices through email.

Repurpose Items

Think twice before throwing something out. Objects like old newspapers and glass jars don’t have to go to waste but can be given a new purpose.

Sustainable living is a feasible choice that all of us can make, and these little changes can make a big difference. You don’t have to make some drastic, expensive lifestyle change to make a difference. Just be open to adopting new practices that will make our world a better place.

Louise is a junior double majoring in English and Economics. She loves reading contemporary fiction and making Spotify playlists.
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