10 Times Sheldon and Amy Made Us Smile

Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler from "The Big Bang Theory" (aka Shamy) are the cutest and awkwardest couple ever. If they could find each other than there is hope of the rest of us.

1.) They rarely show affection, but when they do it's so awkwardly cute that it hurts!


2.) When they adopted a turtle together. #RelationshipGoals



3.) As scientists, they have so much in common and work so well together.


4.) When they have a flag podcast show "Fun With Flags." 

5.) They are never afraid to be themselves around each other.

6.) And they always tell each other the truth... even if it hurts.

7.) When they take adorable prom pics together.

8.) Amy's reaction when Sheldon decides to finally "have coitus" with her after dating for over 5 years.


9.) When they profess their love on a train ride.

10.) They just enjoy each others company and have a great time.


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