10 Times Goats Were Confusing & Cute

Goats have been an internet sensation over the last couple of years, becoming trendy animals for Instagram photos and the like. This week at UCLA, we're bringing goats to campus to participate in the latest fad: goat yoga. Before joining us on March 1st in Wilson Plaza, look at these cute goats to get you into the spirit!

1. This goat that refused to listen to its dad:

2. This goat that just wanted a rooftop view:

3. This goat that was excited to be at the vet:

4. This goat that pretended to be a backpack to hitch a ride: 

5. This goat that was sick of being surrounded by its siblings:

6. This goat that just wants to party: 

7. These goats pretending to be fruit:

8. This goat that should be featured on a hit song:

9. These goats scaling the side of a mountain:

10. This goat showing up Taylor Swift:

Photos courtesy of the Huffington Post, the Matador Network, WorldWideInterweb and Buzzfeed