10 Things Only Girls Who are Best Friends With Their Moms Understand

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are 10 things only girls who are best friends with their moms understand.

1. When your mom takes you shopping and buys you everything you want

2. When your mom starts talking about her dating history and it's way more scandalous than anyone would ever guess

3. When a potential love interest rejects you and then your mom convinces you that it's their loss

4. When you can’t solve a problem on your own, but your mom gives you the best advice

5. When you feel like drinking so you and your mom have a wine night

6. When you go out with your mom and she is on a hunt to find you a boyfriend

7. When you come home from college and taste your mom’s home cooked meals

8. When you and your mom get into a fight and it’s the worst feeling in the world

9. When your mom borrows your clothes and they look even better on her

10. When you feel like a failure and your mom reminds you how amazing you are


All GIFS from Giphy and hero from WordPress and teaser from Hello Giggles