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10 of My Boyfriends’s Most Honest Thoughts While Watching The Bachelor

Since my boyfriend discovered The Bachelor franchise, he has made it very apparent his opinions on the contestants and especially on the bachelor or bachelorette. Last night while watching the episode I took ever one of his most honest statements and wrote it down. Now we have some more insight into the mind of a man who watches The Bachelor, and honestly he thinks like most of us women do while watching.

 “She’s Got a rockin’ Body…wait is that…never mind”

His hate for Krystal is bad enough that he wouldn’t admit she was hot for even a second. 



“This means I can date a 36 year old and not get heat for it?” 

My answer to him was “no” but obviously I have had that thought too. 


“Like they need to learn not to say like so much it makes these dates way more awkward to watch”

During Seinne’s date the amount of times “like” was used really just added to the awkwardness and made him uncomfortable enough to not like her as much anymore. 

“The amount of food that gets wasted on these dates is insane…There are people starving”

I think everyone notices this. 



“I really hope she gets eaten by a bear”

Besides Krystal it seems the person that truly rubs my boyfriend the wrong way is Marikh. No one irritates him more than she does. 


“I wanna like Tia so much but every time I see her I think of Raven and I REALLY liked Raven”

Raven had remained one of his top favorite girls since he started watching Nick’s season, so Tia is a girl he really likes but will never like more than Raven.

“She looks like the best kisser of all of them”

We all know how awkward it is when Arie kisses someone, but Kendall makes it seem like he is not doing so bad. However, that doesn’t mean it makes watching Arie kiss any better. 


“She is crazy. Just crazy. I do not understand why every season there is a woman that makes me question what the process for picking these girls is like.”

Everyone can agree there is always at least one sometimes two hated women or men.

“The most surprising thing for me is the fact that these women actually seem to like each other more than they seem to like Arie yet.”

He still can not grasp that the relationship between the girls will probably last longer than the relationship between Arie and whoever he picks. 

Uh Oh Glam shaming is going to be a thing now.”

Yes. Yes it is. 

Photos Courtesy of: abc.go.com

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