10 DM's From Guys That'll Make You LOL

If you have an Instagram or any one of the numerous dating apps that are out there, you know that some guys can be pretty weird. While some just don't know how to execute an appropriate form of flirting, other guys are simply unable to take a hint. So with that being said, here are 10 actual messages from guys that'll make you laugh and wonder WTF is wrong with the male species. 


1. An interesting conversation starter to say the least...

2. The fake SMS Error text is a pretty popular way of getting a guy to stop texting you. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned in this case... 

3. Sometimes you just have to be blunt. 

4. The "Sorry I was asleep" or "Sorry I was in the shower" text didn't work on this one.


5. Are you trying to get to me or my dog? 


6. Genuinely curious who taught this guy how to flirt...


7. Oh I will gladly slap you...across the face LOL. 

8. What exactly were you hoping to achieve by this? 

9. You thirsty bro?  


10. Seriously??? *BLOCKED*