10 Asian-American-Owned Online Businesses You Should Support

The economic effects of the pandemic have been devastating for small businesses. For Asian American-owned businesses, increased racial discrimination in the past few months has heightened the impact. Asian American businesses desperately need economic support during these challenging times. Here are some Asian American-owned businesses to shop from to support the community:

  1. 1. Beauty: Blume

    woman standing in front of a mirror applying cream

    Blume was founded by two sisters passionate about improving the skincare industry. Their business aims to make skincare easier, healthier and more inclusive for all. Through their products, they also hope to destigmatize things such as acne, periods and sex ed.  

  2. 2. Beauty: Strange Bird Beauty

    photo of women doing their skincare

    Founded by Tina Rudolf, this beauty business focuses on making skincare a spiritual routine. Common ingredients in their products include goji berry, ginger and ginseng. All of their products also include a grounding mantra inscribed to transform your skincare game.

  3. 3. Fashion: Asian American Girl Club

    Woman in red shirt.

    Asian American Girl Club aims to redefine what it means to be a strong and powerful Asian American woman through its trendy apparel. You’ll definitely be looking and feeling your best when you wear their bucket hats, hoodies and tops.

  4. 4. Fashion: AMYO Jewelry

    AMYO Jewelry was founded by Gina Nam, who aims to sell affordable hand-crafted jewelry. From earrings to anklets to even nose jewelry, AMYO jewelry is the one-stop-shop for all of your fashion jewelry needs.

  5. 5. Fashion: Linjer


    Another accessories brand to look out for is Linjer. Linjer focuses on sustainable accessories for men and women, which include ethically made bags and jewelry. Their most famous product is their Tulip Bag, which had a 120,000 person waitlist at one point!

  6. 6. Food: Deep Indian Kitchen

    chopping food and food prep

    Founded and run by an Indian American family, Deep Indian Kitchen sells authentic Indian dishes including garlic naan and chicken tikka masala. These meals are delivered frozen straight to your door for you to enjoy.

  7. 7. Food: Dang Foods

    couple snacking on couch

    If you’re craving Thai American snacks, definitely check out Dang Foods. Their products include coconut chips, Thai rice chips and the dang bar with a wide range of flavors. Also, all of their snacks are on the healthy side as they are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

  8. 8. Food: Yobo Soju

    people holding champagne glasses

    Yobo Soju sells modern American-made soju and aims to share Korean culture with Americans. The word “Yobu” is a term of endearment in Korean, which is what owner Carolyn Kim was trying to capture when building her brand.

  9. 9. Books: Femme Fire Books

    books on bookstore shelf

    Femme Fire Books is a women-owned business that aims to increase and celebrate diversity by selling a combination of books (used and new) that cover a wide variety of topics. These books highlight the diverse cultures seen in modern-day America.

  10. 10. Art: Sam Makes a Mess

    painting art project

    If you are interested in art, check out Sam Makes a Mess, an Etsy-shop business that focuses on selling all kinds of cute art such as pins, stickers and art prints. Some of their best-selling items include the hotpot sticker, Japanese picnic snacks postcard and playful cat postcard set.

Regardless of whatever you’re looking for right now, try to check out some of these businesses from this long list to support the Asian American community.