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The Zodiac Signs as Gilmore Girls Episodes

*Spoilers below*


Aquarius – You’re known for the ability to have compassion and love, but are not a fan of expressing your emotions, and are not really a fan when it comes to how messy feelings can get.

Your episode match is when Rory breaks up with Dean (the first time) and Lorelai tries to convince her that she should take a moment to wallow, as opposed to rushing headlong into a bunch of activities to avoid thinking about Dean.

“The Breakup: Part 2” – Season 1 episode 17



Pisces – When a Pisces sets their mind on something, it’s ‘all or nothing’ for them, whether the situation calls for it or not.

In this episode, Stars Hollow prepares for their festival, and Kirk takes his role as Jesus a little too far.

But considering it is Kirk, we can’t really be surprised. 

“The Festival of Living Art” – Season 4 episode 7





Aries – Short tempered and impatient. Energetic. Goal oriented.

If one Gilmore Girls character in particular didn’t instantly come to mind, allow me to help you out. Paris Geller: Rory’s Chilton nemesis turned close friend throughout the series.

Even if she was high strung and a bit much to handle sometimes, we could always count on her to keep it real in a situation and not sugar coat anything.

Therefore, this sign’s episode match happens to be any episode that features Paris in it. Just like we can’t narrow her personality to one box, there’s no use in narrowing down Aries match to just one episode.

Any episode with Paris in it





Taurus – Stubborn is often the first thing that comes to mind when describing Taurus.

This is why your episode match takes place in the mist of the infamous Rory/Lorelai fight, and Sookie tries to bring the two together again by making them the godmothers of her children.

It doesn’t go as planned to say the least.

 “Always a Godmother, Never a God” – Season 6, episode 4







Gemini – Gemini’s are all about playing it cool, and can be nonchalant in nature. 

You’re most like the first episode we’re introduced to Jess, the too-cool-for-school bad boy who obviously has a thing for Rory the first time they meet. 

“Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy” – Season 2 episode 5


Cancer – Moody, extremely sensitive, and prone to looking back are just a couple of this sign’s characteristics.

Cancer, your episode match is the one in which Rory and Lorelai take a trip to Harvard to scope out where Rory will presumably ne spending her college years.

However, this is on the tail end of Lorelai’s decsion not to get married to, now ex-fiancé, Max Medina. 

“The Road Trip to Harvard” – Season 2 episode 4



Leo – This episode deals with Stars Hollow’s annual charity picnic basket auction, with the highest bidder winning a picnic lunch with the basket maker.

Jess and Dean butt heads when Jess outbids him for Rory’s basket.

Leos are not unfamiliar with completion, having a strong competitive nature themselves. 

“A-Tisket, A-Tasket” – Season 2 episode 13




Virgo – Virgos are sensible, logical, no nonsense type of people, and you probably want them on your side in a crisis.

In your episode match, both the stakes and tension run high as people jump ship from the Yale Daily News right before the paper has to go out.

Rory snaps into action in the place of out of commission editor Paris, and rallies everyone together in order to get the newspaper published in time.

“Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting” – Season 6 episode 13





Libra – As a Libra myself, I know firsthand how indecisive we can be and how we prefer to avoid conflicts where we can, sometimes at the inconvenience of ourselves.

On the other hand, we’re also concerned with being fair; this sign’s episode match is the one where it’s Thanksgiving and Lorelai and Rory have four different dinners to attend without any intention of saying no:

The Kim’s, Luke and Jess’, Sookie and Jackson’s, and Emily and Richard.

 “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” – Season 3 episode 9






Scorpio – In this episode, Luke and Lorelai go out on their first officially date, where (swoon) Luke pulls out the horoscope he’s kept in his wallet for years that Lorelai gave him, saying he’s “all in”, referring to their blossoming relationship.

Not to mention, Luke is also a Scorpio himself, possesses important traits such as: faithfulness, passionate, being a true friend, all which make us love him more.

“Written in the Stars” – Season 5 episode 3



Sagittarius – Those with this sign aren’t afraid of a little adventure and eat dares for breakfast.

This makes your episode match the one where Rory gets information for her story on the “Life and Death Brigade” by taking a weekend to watch Logan and his friends, as well as participate in some high stakes jumping herself. 

“You Jump, I Jump Jack” – Season 5 episode 7






Capricorn – It’s Rory’s first day at Yale but homesickness on her part causes Lorelai to spring into action and save the day.

Even though Caps get a bad rap compared to the other signs, they’re very resourceful individuals, not unlike what we see in this episode. 

“The Lorelai’s’ First Day at Yale” – Season 4 episode 2


Serene Blair is a film major in her senior year at UCF. You can usually find her going on about the Hamilton soundtrack, completely invested in Grown-ish and This Is Us, or with her head stuck in the stars. She can be found with a book at all social events, and is always trying to write down the witty, random things that come up in everyday conversation before she forgets them. You can follow her here or here.
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