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Your Parka is Unnecessary: Winter Fashion in Florida

Nothing is more annoying to me than seeing someone on campus wearing a winter coat when the temperature drops below seventy-five degrees. And I’m not talking about a jacket. I have seen people wearing heavy winter jackets that are more appropriate for the ski slopes than for the Florida sunshine. And what everyone hates to see you wear are those oh-so-comfy Uggs you decided to buy back in high school when you thought it was fashionable. It isn’t, never was, and never will be, especially in Florida. It does not snow here and the temperature will probably never drop below forty degrees Fahrenheit, so it is never necessary to own boots lined with sheepskin. I understand that it does in fact get cold in Florida, but there is a way to dress for the cold weather that doesn’t make you look like you just flew in from the Arctic Circle. It’s all about picking the right fabrics, knowing how to layer, and being constantly aware of the weather.

Instead of a ridiculously cumbersome winter coat, try a jacket! This Ecote Printed Surplus Jacket ($89.00) from Urban Outfitters is a perfect alternative to that unnecessary winter jacket you might be wearing. It’s lightweight enough to wear when it warms up through the day, and you can always add layers to warm it up.

If a jacket isn’t really your thing, wear a heavier sweater! From American Eagle Outfitters, this Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan ($59.50) is a perfect alternative to a winter coat or even a jacket. With a sweater, you won’t have to layer quite as much as you would have to with a jacket.

If you want something a bit easier to manage, try a pull-over! Throw this Loose-Fitting Sweater from Zara ($79.90) over your everyday outfit and you’re good to go. You won’t have to worry about what you have on underneath. Make sure you pick up something that is a little oversized so you can throw it on over whatever you have on!

Let’s talk about layering. I cannot stress how important layering can be when the weather gets colder. You won’t have to wear that cumbersome winter coat anymore. Besides, you don’t want to be caught on campus when it’s suddenly 80 degrees with a heavy coat. So grab this Unisex Baby Thermal Long-Sleeve T-Shirt from American Apparel ($26.00) to throw on under your sweater or jacket for those colder Florida days/nights!

If thermals aren’t your style, try this great alternative from Forever 21. This Casual Raglan Top ($9.80) is perfect by itself, or worn underneath a jacket or sweater. And if it gets a little toasty for a jacket or sweater, you’ll still look great even if you take it off.

While I’m not completely opposed to boots, I am absolutely, 100% opposed to wearing Uggs. There are plenty of alternative boots out there that are more appropriate. This Kimchi Blue Timber Wingtip Lace-Up Boot from Urban Outfitters ($69.00) is a perfect alternative to your Uggs. It comes in black, brown, and this great white color.

If wingtips aren’t your thing, ditch all the details (including the sheepskin) for a simple leather boot like this one from Aldo. The Pellietier boot ($130.00) comes in this great dark brown color, and a classic black.

So ladies, please save the heavy winter coats and the Ugg boots for when you travel up North. I know it can get cold, but investing in a jacket or a heavy sweater, a few thermals, and a great pair of boots will allow you to be a little more fashion forward in the Florida winter sunshine!

Nicholas Osler graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2014 with a degree in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication. Connect with him on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nicholasosler
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