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Your New Favorite Song: “Shine” by Mondo Cozmo

If you’re looking for a refreshing new song to fall in love with… Mondo Cozmo is here for you. His song “Shine,” is a refreshing alternative rock tune that basically anyone who has ears would love!


Mondo Cozmo “Shine” Rehearsal Video http://vevo.ly/cVjTsw 


Originally hailing from Philly, Mondo Cozmo says his influences are Keith Richards and Chris Pratt, as well as 90’s British Music. He claims wants to connect with everyone – and to help out his efforts I left Mondo Cozmo index cards with a biography on him all over the University of Central Florida’s Campus, including in different classroom buildings, the library, dorms, and maybe even some restaurants around campus! The back of them double as an actual index card that you can use for your personal studying so feel free to take a few if you see them around campus, to get to know Mondo Cozmo – and whatever you’re studying! Oh yeah, and check him out Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7ybnRZKtRbWQzJfKyYSyh6

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