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Your Gay BFF is Back!

Hey guys!

I hope that all of you readers had a fabulous summer! Whether it was lounging by the pool, working, or preparing for your first year of college, I hope it was great. Just a little update on what I’ve been doing – I worked this summer back at home at American Eagle and as a gymnastics coach at my old gym that I used to train at (fun fact!). Other than that, I was always at the beach or by the pool. I’m back in action for my Sophomore year at UCF and could not be more excited. I got into the AD/PR major at the end of the last school year and just started classes for my minor, Studio Art/Graphic Design. 

Current status: back at UCF and ready to serve you guys! Let me know what you guys want to hear in the comments, and I’d be glad to write about it. Advice, too! Let me know of any problems you’d like my two cents on!

Thanks guys, and I hope your transition to this school year is a smooth one!


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